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#1 Aug 31 2010 at 4:58 PM Rating: Good
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A question or two about surplus, because for my play style i think it could be highly useful if it works the way it sounds.

You have two distinct types of levels, physical and class.
when you reach a certain amount of exp your physical level will (eventually) stop progressing.
when you reach a certain amount of exp you class level will (eventually) stop progressing as well.

SO if i get my physical level to stop progressing quickly it stops my stats from growing and holds my physical level down which means I can go around and level all the classes without having to worry about changing my rediculous number of stat points (because those wont be growing because my physical level is stagnant).

Am I right or did i miss something?
I planned on leveling all of the classes to mid level anyway so this seems highly beneficial to me.
Also, if you keep playing without taking break does your physical level continue to stay frozen indefinitely or does it start back growing after 48 hours regardless?
#2 Aug 31 2010 at 5:37 PM Rating: Decent
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If you're worried about increasing your physical stats while leveling other classes you could always choose not to distribute them. Each time you increase your physical level you get X amount (depends on your physical level) of stat points to distribute at your leisure. Nothing forces you to use them right as you level.

My opinion on surplus is that to be an effective player, you're going to need to mix and match abilities of multiple classes so in that sense, it's going to be difficult for me (a semi-hardcore player) to ever come near the point of 0 exp. Also, I've heard from a few sources that the exp you aren't getting will be put toward something else.. but I don't know what. Because of that I don't think of it as a restriction at all.
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