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About the log-in screen and another random question...Follow

#1 Aug 31 2010 at 5:42 PM Rating: Decent
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I just finished downloading the most recent update. Did they take the informational part off about it being postponed/down?

I was aware that you'd have to register your region/etc - did that - but now it's wanting detailed information after I go into services and select FFXIV?

To clarify - I had two accounts. One got into the Alpha early on - one did not. However I want to use the latter account (that did NOT get in) when I actually play the game - because I've kept my FFXI character active all this time.

I just don't want to ***** anything up basically.

My random question:

I realize they're letting you carry names over - or to use your FFXI character name. However what if I don't WANT to do that - or carry my name over? Is it an opt in - or an on creation option? Anyone have any experience with this?


It looks like it wants my information in regards to using Crysta. Anyone done this yet?

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#2 Aug 31 2010 at 7:16 PM Rating: Good
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I filled out the info it was asking,at the end it asks for a beta key,which they haven't sent out yet for open beta. When you go back to the site later it just asks for the beta key again so you can fill out the info now. As for the name question ,considering they are now giving 2 options for your name (open beta & FFXI names) I'm gonna have to assume you'll get a choice when the game releases on the 22nd.

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I've not been in any part of the beta thus far, so the services screen may be different for you, but for me after they did that update last night the services screen only lists FFXIV, as in the retail version. There is no mention of the beta anywhere under services anymore, and obviously no one has a key for the retail version yet. I suppose the beta keys may work there as well and somehow this relates to the ability to carry names from open beta over to the retail release, but as of now I believe everyone is in the same boat, which is that no one has a key for that screen, be it a retail key or an open beta key, and therefore it is impossible for anyone to register any services at this time.

As for the character names, I am pretty sure they said somewhere that everything is optional, but I don't recall where I read that. I don't really see any way they could force you to use the same name, nor any reason that they would, so I wouldn't worry about it.
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