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Well, I started DLing the client back in Beta 3 and I had it up about 10 hours a day or so for several days and it only got to 50%. I don't have any kind of firewall or router firewall or anything at all slowing down my downloading, I can download other P2P stuff just fine, but this patch was insane. My friend, who was in Beta from an earlier date at which point the patch was even smaller, said it took him four days straight of keeping his PC on for it to finish.

Now, in Open Beta, I started the same patcher since it said it'd be using the same stuff after all (and I haven't touched any of it since a couple weeks ago) and it went from 50+% back to 0% again. Now, hours later, it's a whopping 0.2% finished. I see it going at 100+kb/s very rarely, but it's usually between 0kb/s and 2kb/s. And it SHOULD be 600kb/s-1mb/s considering what other stuff downloads at.

I also keep hearing people talk about downloading the client "overnight via FilePlanet" but there's absolutely no FFXIV stuff on FilePlanet that I'm seeing. So yeah... what should I do if I wanna be able to play the OBT before I go ahead and get the DVDs a few weeks from now? :(
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Well a lot of people (myself included) have found that it goes a lot quicker if you do it through a torrent program (i.e Utorrent). If you go into documents\mygames you'll find two files in the ffxvi\d96437e6\metainfo folder that you can open into a torrent program. For one reason or another they seem to download a lot quicker this way.
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Score: Decent So I'm downloading the client from 0% and I decided to use bit torrent because I was only downloading at 80kbps(static IP and ports are forwarded correctly) and figured why not do all the pieces concurrently. Also I'd like to be able to seed after I finish downloading and I do not know that the SE installer allows for that.

So I wanted to make sure I got all the files and their directories correct.

This is where I intend to put the 3 files:

C:\Users\Smellybacon\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version\downloads\ffxiv-beta\bca2a8ae\patch\H2010.08.27.2001.patch

C:\Users\Smellybacon\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version\downloads\ffxiv-beta\bca2a8ae\patch\H2010.08.04.2000.patch

C:\Users\Smellybacon\Documents\My Games\FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Version\downloads\ffxiv-beta\d96437e6\patch\H2010.08.30.2000.patch

I'd appreciate any comments on mistakes on my directories or overall flaws in my thinking. ^^

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Score: Default I would say that looks about right.
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Score: Decent As long as the patch files are in their corresponding "patch" folders, you should be good. The updater will check the patch files in those folders and if everything is done correctly, it'll then just automatically proceed to installing them.

I cannot check the exact paths for you since I've been updating the client regularly throughout the closed beta. I imagine that the updates will be slightly different for people that have the newest setup file.
If it was at all feasible, I think SE would hide the copies of the game at the store, put a password on the installer and make us guess it, and tell us that "We think this leads to a more fun experience. It adds to the adventure!"
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I... can't say I really fully understand the last reply, kinda needs cleanup lol.. It seems the thing to do is to use a torrent program for the actual individual torrent files in the FFXIV folders, but the last post made it sound like it's kinda complicated, needing certain patch parts to be in certain folders. Is it just gonna need to be in the same folder as the .torrent file? And is it the three Frebaut mentioned, or just the one Dimz mentioned?

*edit* Okay... now that I actually look in these folders (it's in My Documents/Downloads and not the Program Files version of the FFXIV folder, worth mentioning) I notice I have two of those jumbled-letter folders in "ffxiv-beta"... "bca2a8ae" and "d96437e6". bc's Metainfo folder has 2 torrents, and d9's metainfo has 9 torrents.

So like, uh, I download something from EACH of these 11 total torrents and put the resulting file in the same folder as the .torrent, or what? Instructions please?

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