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#1 Sep 02 2010 at 4:25 AM Rating: Good
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Seeing as half of us can't access the site, have there been any update notes posted yet?
If so anyone care to post them for us?
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- The new city-states Gridania and Ul'dah and their surrounding areas have been added.

- New quests have been added.

- Guildleves have been added and changed in the following ways:

* Users can now accept guildleves at the Adventurers' Guilds in Gridania and Ul'dah.
The NPCs issuing guildleves in each city-state are as follows:
Regional Guildleves: Piralnaut (Limsa Lominsa), Gontrant (Gridania), Totonawa (Ul'dah)
Local Guildleves: T'mokkri (Limsa Lominsa), Tierney (Gridania), Eustace (Ul'dah)
* New regional guildleves have been added.
* New local guildleves have been added.
* Failed levequests may be reattempted immediately upon renewal of the guildleve list.


- New monster varieties have been added.

- Monster placement has undergone several adjustments.

- The overall battle balance has been adjusted.

- Formula for skill point and experience point allocation has been revamped.

- New pieces of equipment have been added.

- Various new items have been added.

- The goods stocked by vendor NPCs have been adjusted.

- The prices for items sold by NPCs at each shop have been changed.
Due to this change, the amount of gil players acquire has been increased.

- The following additions have been made to the synthesis system:
New recipes have been added.

- The gathering and synthesis-related term "Ability" has been changed to "Godsend".


- Gridania and Ul'dah have been added to the selectable starting cities on the character creation screen.

- Players can now save data for characters they've created to their hard drive and apply the data later to the creation of a new character.

- Players will now need to wait at least ten minutes before being able to restore HP and MP again at an aetheryte crystal.

- Social Lists has been added to the main menu.
 Players can add or delete characters to and from their friend list and blacklist.

- Support Desk has been added to the main menu.
 In this section, players can look over frequently asked questions or speak with Game Masters regarding in-game trouble.

- Examine has been added to the Interactions menu.
Targeting another player character and selecting Examine will display that player character's equipment.

- Various ways of expressing emotions and desires have been added.

* Enemy signs have been added.
 While in a party, players can express their various desires regarding monsters in the field.
* Ally signs have been added.
 While in a party, players can express various desires to other members of the party.
* The emote "lounge" has been added.
 Also, the interaction "sit" has been added, which allows players to sit on nearby chairs, benches, etc.

- New text commands have been added.

- New categories and phrases have been added to the dictionary.

- A screenshot feature has been added.
Players can take pictures of the game screen by pushing Print Screen while holding down Scroll Lock on the keyboard.

- Keyboard Settings has been added under Configuration.

- Players can now change the display settings for each of their linkshells from Log Display Settings under Configuration.

* The Official FINAL FANTASY XIV Players' Site has been launched in conjunction with the start of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test.
Please click here for details.
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