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And in other news...some FFXIV positivesFollow

#1 Sep 02 2010 at 5:31 AM Rating: Excellent
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So this is a thread for a list of the positive improvements that we are beginning to see in open beta in comparison to closed. Please let us know about the positives you have encountered so far.

As has been said time and time again, "Haters gon'a hate."

However, if you are going to come here and spew garbage and other non-useful comments, take it to one of the 9 million threads already out there. In addition, there is already a thread for bugs and other critical feedback...this isn't it.


So I logged on this morning and put some time in Ul'dah and a few things stood out to me.

1) The UI is greatly improved from closed beta. It runs much more smoothly and all the buttons and tabs that I played around with worked.

2) The general stability of the game also seems to be running more smoothly. I will be interested to see how it holds up under high traffic levels.

3) Ul'dah is pretty impressive - as was Limsa. I expect nothing less from SE and they have done, imho, a fantastic job.

Also, not really a positive or a negative for me, but the different races start with different stats. I will be interested to see how this will play out in a year or so.
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they actually decided to give races different starting stats?! I thought they left em all the same just let you allocate points where you wanted. /confused

...just found some more information on this... well alright.... still get to allocate points so i don't think its going to matter much in the end. just in my opinion though.

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Thank you for this wonderful thread: now my turn.

1. I found the best **** marmot camp with (literally) about 30 marmots in one small area and i'm not telling anyone about it mwahahahahhaha XD

2. Ul'Dah IS freakin gorgeous and surrounding area too.

3. It looks like they increased how long it takes to get out of "weakened state" which is good imo because now I hate dying and that's how it should closed beta weakened state would deplete fast and basically it was okay to die, you got right back in the action quickly that's different (not because i like downtime, but i like a little incentive NOT to die).

4. I also noticed that the low level leves are actually hard now if you decide to solo a 3 or 4 star - 2 star is still it seems they have upped the ante on those which i like.

5. I haven't hit fatigue yet ;) jk, but hopefully i never do.

6. I love this game.

7. for all you people finding it clunky, hang in there, a lot of the small problems will be ironed out as we go along here.

8. ???

9. profit.
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Wait key mapping is in? i gotta start mapping if it is. Does it explain anywhere on how to do this?
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