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(offtopic) Why did ZAM charge my credit card?Follow

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I'm not listed as Premium Member (to my knowledge) nor have I ever given any information to ZAM that I can remember. I've never seen these charges appear before on my statement.


From the Premium FAQ it would seem that's the price of a 3/mo subscription to premium. I never signed up.

Is there a better place to ask this question perhaps? This is the only area I post in (only other ever was FFXI) so I dunno..

Anyway, anyone have a suggestion? Or if this was a a Premium charge - shouldn't people with trumpts be following my around as I post and announcing me or something? Confetti, maybe?

edit: If you can lock this - I reposted in the correct area. Apologies for posting it here.

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Thank you!
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You could also PM an admin and I'm sure they can tell you. You should also go into your account and check to see if you have set up automatic payments for Premium.
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but.. but.. for the $10, Pikko comes over and cooks you a 3 course gourmet meal, why would you not want that?!
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PM Darqflame, I think she handles that.
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I'm not above supporting the community - my main concern is that someone may have stolen my CC information somehow and for whatever reason - used it to charge ZAM for premium.

There's been no other unauthorized charges that I can see thus far.

On another note - I don't even know HOW to check to make sure I didn't setup automatic payments... I can't find it anywhere, soooo maybe that means I haven't done that?

Like I said, all I care about is the security of my CC. If I like... sleep-browsed the net and did it, that's fine.
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