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Lindblum - LS's - hi!Follow

#1 Sep 02 2010 at 11:56 AM Rating: Decent
First of all, Thanks to all the people who have been up all night and day helping the community (even the forum lurkers like me) with the problems with patching and server updates I would have been lost without them.

To the meat of the subject,
I was not to sure where to put this, could not find the right place.

In short I'm looking for a friendly LS on the Lindblum server to test the waters.

My knowledge of FF-MMO's Pre-dates the dinosaurs and hasn't improved much since then.
I think I played FFXIV for about a month back when I was a kiddo. However I have played WoW for a long time so MMO's are not a completely new concept. :)

I'm 22yo from England, Playing as a Lancer, During the beta I'm hoping to combine skills with Conjurer/Marauder to augment my Lancer as a main.

Also going to dabble with Mining and Blacksmithing, Fishing looks so complicated!!! >_<

My in-game name is Scodia Vellalar, Comes from my username I've been using for 3-4 years now and because I knew I wanted to be a lancer Vellalar; Vel is Tamil for Spear and Alar is to be Ruler or Controller.
I believe it has two meanings in Tamil.

One is Lord of the Spears the other is Lord of the Floods.
Both Sound awesome.

Anyways, Hope to see you guys in game. If you see me passing on Lindblum, say hi!
Truth and Fortune, I see these in you.
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