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#1 Sep 02 2010 at 1:46 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey all. I've been browsing newegg,

If I added something like the GTX 460 to that package would I be good to go? anything I'm missing? and is anything there overkill or not good enough? I'm very rough around the edges on specs and things like compatibility.

btw I could probably use my old big blue Dell XPS gen 3 case and old harddrives unless someone thinks I'm overlooking having a new good fancy cooling case for the new hot hardware..

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First off, sorry, I have to rate you down. There's a PC building forum.

Second, yes your build should be ok. However if you're only going to have a single card I would strongly suggest the GTX 470 or the higher end ATI cards. The 460 is really only a good deal in SLI formats. Then again, that's my personal opinion. The non-vanilla 470s are doing fairly well though, price and performance wise.
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I would go with an ATI card. There's driver issues with nvidia's 400 series. Check out their forums.
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Remember this: In most cases, FFXIV fairs MUCH better in the actual game vs. the benchmark.

Meaning.. don't use the benchmark as an end-all-be-all when considering PC builds to play FFXIV. You can spend much less money then you think to play the game.

Example: my desktop scores around 3600 in low-res, and I can play @ high on everything. minus AA, depth of field and occlusion off, without skipping a beat in FPS.

my laptop can pla relatively well.. and it scored a 500ish on low-res. ;D

Considering this is still in beta, I'm sure there will be compatibility tweaking and the ability to adjust graphics a bit more with released version.

edit: i like the price of that PC compared to it's setup. it's a wonder what happened to their markup because that's a great deal.

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As far as video card is concerned; price for performance, get an ATI 5850. It's nearly comparable to the GeForce GTX480 in performance although definitely not better than a GTX480 (price for performance it's the best deal out there from what I've found).

A super screaming Core i7 CPU isn't going to rate too much higher than an AMD Phenom II. My Alienware uses a Core i7 quad core with hyperthreading and it's hardly better in terms of gaming performance than my custom build AMD Phenom II X4 965 (especially for the price).

I would say ditch the idea of stock cooling for CPU's. Get a good aftermarket cooler and some Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound. A game like this is going to ramp up your temperatures (My systems are both liquid cooled and they run mid 40C's when playing this game which is a lot considering my idle is 25C). Good cooling is a must if you're building a system to play this game effectively and last longer than a year.

Solid State Drives are an amazing thing. Definitely not feasible if you're on a budget but something to consider. I'm a big advocate for SSD's especially since they've fixed most of the limitations with flash memory based drives. A single SSD will boot Windows 7 from end bios post to usable desktop in 15-20 seconds. My 3-way SSD RAID0 boots Windows in 7 seconds from bios post. They're getting much more affordable every day too.

If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to respond.

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