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Bored, and more patching, so... Day one of open beta.Follow

#1 Sep 02 2010 at 3:55 PM Rating: Good
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If anyone cares. :P

+ You can smack an enemy while it runs to start the fight! No more waiting for it to stop moving! -.-;
+ Now asks if you want Guardian's Aspect upon starting a Levequest.
+ Sit is back, as is examining people.
+ Mole enemies are now faster to be targeted after coming out of ground, and you can easily avoid the attack now.

- Still no good keyboard camera controls, can't set arrows for that use.
- [en] [en] [en], and random Japanese.
- Still no inventory sorting...
- Shards are now worthless to NPC. An odd choice, when everything else has gone up in value.
- Levequest targets remain visible after people die... Annoying when you try to attack it, and you don't know it's a levequest enemy.
- Colors of enemies still leaves a LOT to be desired...
- Tab still selects yourself... And generally sucks.

Went with a Miqo'te in Ul'dah, and the opening cutscene was gorgeous. I like the town in general, and once you get outside, it's really nice looking.

A day and night/rain shot comparison.

Also... XD
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