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is there a way to copy game to 2nd computerFollow

#1 Sep 02 2010 at 6:56 PM Rating: Default
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Is there a way to copy the game to second computer without having to redownload everything?
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over a network or with a portable harddrive yes, just make sure you install the beta downloader as it places the folders and such, when it gets to update section, stop it and paste in the entire game folder

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So I run ffxivsetup on the second computer then, before running the Beta Version updater, copy all the files from "libraries/documents/mygames/FinalFantasyBetaVersion" to the same place on the other computer? I did that and when I subsequently ran the game it installed 2 other files and then gave installation error messages. Did I do this correctly?
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Here's what I did.

(This is on a Windows 7 64bit version. Not sure where the registry file for 32Bit OS is located)

On the pc with FF14 fully installed, go to Regedit and export the following registry

Go to your Program Files (x86) folder and copy over the SquareEnix folder

On the second pc, run the initial setup file, but cancel the update.
right click on the exported registry, and choose Merge

Copy over the SquareEnix folder in its proper install location.
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I didn't even have to copy the registry, just the folder in program files(x86).
#6 Sep 02 2010 at 11:47 PM Rating: Decent
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I had to copy files from 2 locations:

1)program files(x86).
2) My documents/downloads/FFXIV

With the files copied across, I downloaded the updater but stopped before it then went on to download the files from the game.

Then the next time I started the updater, it detected the files copied from my other machine and off I went.
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