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So what does the world feel like?Follow

#1 Sep 02 2010 at 7:23 PM Rating: Good
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Do you feel immersed in it? or somewhat detached from it?

Can you actually go to a place you see far in the distance?

What I hated about FFXI was the fake boundaries they gave us. I always felt like I was in a box. In WoW anything I could see I could run or fly to. The only fake boundary was far (literally minutes) of travel out into the sea. I felt like a small person in a huge dynamic world.

Is FFXIV like this? Or do you feel somewhat claustrophobic?

If you felt immersed and free in Vanadiel, that's cool. You don't need to point it out to me.
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#2 Sep 02 2010 at 7:29 PM Rating: Good
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Great question. I'm wondering the same thing: Will Eorzea be the most beautiful bubble of them all or will the visuals have a level of interaction to the landscape that greatly surpasses its predecessor? Knowing SE, I fear the former is the likelier conclusion...
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#3 Sep 02 2010 at 7:43 PM Rating: Good
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There are still a few issues that are holding immersion back. But they are all things that SE can fix, like interface lag, difficulty in targeting, things like that. The world itself is absolutely stunning. I have never felt myself absorbed in a game quite so quickly. It has a steep learning curve; SE holds your hand a little better than in FFXI, but not by much. Once you get over that first hump though, the world is massive, I mean I can't begin the express how much space there is to explore.

More importantly to your question, I spent the first hour or so of the game just wandering around looking at the city and talking to it's inhabitants. The entire place has a very visceral, living, thriving feel to it.

edit: Oh and SE gets bonus Awesome Points for having the Lalafell say:

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Aye, I hear ya. You and every other adventurer. I know bloody well you want to rent a bird. But there just ain't enough of 'em to go 'round.

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#4 Sep 02 2010 at 7:43 PM Rating: Excellent
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I am more concerned with what the world tastes like. If the Milky Way galaxy tastes like raspberries, then Eorzea must taste like chocolate.
#5 Sep 03 2010 at 10:10 AM Rating: Good
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It's vast and I feel immersed in it.
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#6 Sep 03 2010 at 10:30 AM Rating: Good
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It feels wonderful, you can stop anywhere you want and have something beautiful to look at. I decided to start in Ul'dah, because I wanted to wait until release to experience Gridania. The storyline involves you wonderfully, the characters have interesting, captivating personalities and I find the music very fitting. I've already got a crush on Thancred!

I don't know how populated these servers are going to be in six months time, but starting on the Selbina server, which I believe was added only this morning, the city is bustling and exciting. The fields are on a massive scale, but everything feels like it's there for a reason. Seeing dust storms in Thanalan makes you really believe it's a desert, and not just a barren landscape with dirt. You don't feel like you have to rush to the next level, the game encourages you to enjoy things like exploring, or simply sitting down with other adventurers.

It definitely feels like a game that you'll be able to immerse yourself in for years!
#7 Sep 03 2010 at 10:41 AM Rating: Good
the seamless/zoneless areas REALLY improve immersion... I feel immersed
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#8 Sep 03 2010 at 11:45 AM Rating: Good
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It feels huge, massively expansive, just miles of land to explore. As a disciple of the land you will be off mining and logging at the zone's end. It's really cool.
#9 Sep 03 2010 at 11:49 AM Rating: Decent
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Its definitely impressive and i feel immersed in this game. Right now it seems like we are limited with how far we can go. As i couldn't leave the main region that Uldah is in. That kinda makes it feel like a bubble but im sure its only for beta. Still i would like to go find some new towns.

I think i made my way to jeuno in ffxi at only like level 10-15 xD
#10 Sep 03 2010 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
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I love it. You can see for miles, and the graphics are beautiful. The areas are laid out in an interesting manner.

The only thing I'm a bit iffy on myself is that the world feels a lot smaller than I had initially believed. The zones themselves are huge; however, take Thanalan for instance (Ul'dah area). You basically walk out of Ul'dah, go north east for a bit, and then you're in the forest where Gridania is.

It's still a fairly long walk but to compare it to FFXI if you wanted to go from Bastok to San d'Oria you had to walk through like 6 different zones. In this it's 2 zones right next to each other.

And I think there's only like 6 zones total or something, not including dungeons.

I hope they expand on the world a lot more.

#11 Sep 03 2010 at 12:12 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm loving it. The detail in graphics are astounding. My computer can actually handle shadows on the ground (coming from eq2 where shadows meant a framerate of 2fps). I'm a big lore fanatic so having to take time to talk to everyone and learn about the game is great. I wouldn't recommend FFXIV to people who want to fly through a game and have their hand held at every turn. I'm glad that SE is making people work for what they want and I can see myself playing this game for a long time and not get bored.

Only thing I don't like is not being able to jump :P

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