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new character or FFXIFollow

#1 Sep 03 2010 at 2:38 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm debating whether I should make a new character, or make the same character that i played the last 8 or so years of FFXI with. I really liked my Taru BLM, Rakanishu, but always wanted to have a hume, just never wanted to level one up, do all the subjob quests, airship keys, etc. So what are most of you doing? Rerolling new toons or remaking your old ones? Also 2 more questions, how many charcters can you make in the beta? i know it says limit 3 per account but is that total or can i delete a couple to make a couple more? Last question is how many characters can be used in a name? like would Rakanishu even fit int he first name? thanks!

ps: i made this account tonight so my first post, waiting for download to finish, its only at 11% after 13 hours.
#2 Sep 03 2010 at 2:49 AM Rating: Decent
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Tough choice, FFXI is far from over. With two more expansion packs to be released, the new "AF3" armour sets, and of course level99.
But yes its unfortunate that FFXI is dieing, this is evident by looking at the server merges and the fact that ANY job can basicaly do ANYTHING now with the correct sub. For example your BLM could fresh/haste/yadda yadda itself. **** even any DD can Sekkinoki their WS, which was what made SAM unique, oh and a brand new Dev team and DIrector as the old dev team are now working fully on FFXIV.
Dont get me wrong, im a massive FFXI fanboi, with 11 lvl80s and full sets of Salvage gear, but the sad fact is that is IS grinding to a halt.

That being said it may be better to invest your time in FFXIV as it is on the way up, not coming to an end.

I think i'd be rerolling, a fresh new start, fresh new look, fresh name is a good thing after 8 years. AKA - I had a Male Hume, so this time im making a female as im sick of looking at a male characters ***.

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#3 Sep 03 2010 at 2:50 AM Rating: Decent
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Toon!? How dare you speak that word 'round these parts!

I was always a hume in FFXI. I thought about going Mithra, tried it... Eh. I do actually have one now, but it's only to get those silly shoes next month. ^^;
In FFXIV... I debated between the two again, and I'm 99% certain I'm going Miqo'te. I even tried... Whatever the Elvaans are called now, which while kinda cool looking and a little less giraffe-like, I kept coming back to Miqo'te. Now I'm just left with settling on a look and name...

In beta, you get three slots... And you can always delete a character, so it's easy enough to keep playing around with the character creation.
I'm... Not sure of the character limit, but I think that would fit. I saw some really long names today. >.>;
FFXIV, Trabia: Neasa Vera.
FFXI, Leviathan: Aneirin (Dead), Key (Dead).
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I was a galka in XI and didn't do much involving magic so I've been determined to play the magic classes more in XIV, though my initial plan was to be roegadyn just like the galka in XI. I made a cool duskwight elezen in B3 and my 1st character in open beta was a cute little lalafell chick, both those characters had me re-thinking the whole roegadyn thing. I get a kick out of the lalafell emotes & how they walk/run so having a character that will keep me smiling is something to consider.

Then tonight I made a new mean-looking roegadyn that I may have to recreate for the retail. Anyway, that's probably much more detail than you were asking for, but the servers are down for maintenance and time needed to be killed... pics of those characters...


#5 Sep 03 2010 at 3:00 AM Rating: Decent
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Sefalicious wrote:
Toon!? How dare you speak that word 'round these parts!

lol busted, I have been playing a lot of wow lately. my work schedule got too unpredictable to devote to endgame XI. Im a manager at a sports bar and grill, so sometimes I have to work late nights, other times i have to open. With NFL season starting up it'll be late monday and sunday nights which for the past couple months have been really slow and i can take off. Wow is just a lot more flexible, i can gear a max level character in 4 hour gameplay a week.

But i Am so taking off the week of sept 22nd lol

and thanks for answering the questions. I think I will make my Rakanishu again (if i can figure out a last name) and I'll make a hume or elvaan (i dont think ill ever stopp calling them by XI race names) just to see how they 'feel'. Raka only felt good as a caster, tried melee and it didnt feel right with a taru. Hume or elvaan might be a fun. no offense but i cant play female characters if i have a choice, i need a character i can project myself on, cant do it as a mithra. and galka look like they run slow, even tho the speed is the same, animation feels wrong. lol i need to sleep
#6 Sep 03 2010 at 3:06 AM Rating: Decent
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TwistedOwl wrote:
Anyway, that's probably much more detail than you were asking for, but the servers are down for maintenance and time needed to be killed... pics of those characters...

I love details! i just got off work im so wired, and beta DL is only at 12%. im obsessed with all things XIV now, i just had to talk with the community!

lol your lalafell does look cute. I felt the same about my taru in XI, the emotes and running never got old even after years with the character. having the smallest choco in my LS always got laughs from people. but wanting to play a melee character never felt right with my taru, closest i got was RDM and Blu.
and holy crap your galka and elvaan look so badass. didnt know you could make their skin have that onyx color to it, and add scars. i heard the creation system is extremely detailed but never looked into it. my main problem with galka is their running seems so slow. im definitely making a elvaan tho as my 2nd.

main reason i wanted to play the beta was to work on characters before the retail.
#7 Sep 03 2010 at 3:20 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah lalafell/taru look like friggin' speedy gonzalez compared to roegadyn/galka...even the noise of all those little footsteps is cool...

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