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im huge noob and need help Follow

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i just started playing ff14 never played a ff game before.. i know i know.. well i really want to get into this i need some help. my main thing is i have no idea what to do or where to go or even how to understand where to go. i am currently doing this "the color of sin" in my journal and my friend got me to this place and i just followed him and he left me and im all alone in this area having no idea what to do.. i am currently at the part where i was protecting those 2 kids and they ditched me and this random dude said what up.. now i have to find these kids and idk where they are or even how the **** to find them idk how to use the map or anything.. huge noob needing help. ty
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Hey I can't help you with that quest because I haven't done it but if you are frustrated you may want to just try doing something else for awhile. This game is more of a sandbox than a linear thing so you can just run around and do stuff. The most important advice I can give you is be flexible and have fun. If you know how to use the controls - that is pretty much all you need to know how to do.

What server are you on? Some other Zam folks might be into taking you around and helping you out.
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thank you for the insight.. yah im just totally clueless on whats going on and if any you read this can post me some links or anything to help a ff14 noob. or if anyone from zam would like to take time away and help a noob that would be greatly greatly appreciative b/c i dont really know anyone other then my 1 friend but we both kinda clueless i need a veteran to show me whats up ;).. please help!.. ty
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They have a guide here for "the color of sin" and other things,go check it out.

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omg thank you.. i knew these forums would help me be posted to the right direction.. thank you ;) another thing is you know of any other links that can help the utmost huge ff14 noob on like basics and stuff to do and how to read/understand map and such
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Or there's the sticky... on the top of the forums...
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