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Just tried mining for a impressions insideFollow

#1 Sep 03 2010 at 8:21 PM Rating: Decent
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So I thought I would give mining a shot after I was wondering around Ul'dah and found the mining guild and bought the tools. I used the "Lay of the Land" ability and it sent in a general direction which was easy enough to understand...but the node it sent me to was already occupied. Thinking this was FFXI, I was hesitant to just run up and start whacking away on it, but then someone else ran up to it and they were both going at it and no angry shouts were happening so I walked up to it and started mining...

The next thing was I had no idea where to position the my I guessed...then I really had no idea when to hit the button to I messed around with a small as I could get, the middle, and as wide as I could get real idea of the results but it seemed the middle and smaller were better...

Gained a level and then stopped...I can see myself sticking with it for awhile. I love the fact you get abilities along the way...the fact that it's a class by itself will make me stick to it.

Anyone have any tips, insights, complaints?
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#2 Sep 03 2010 at 8:24 PM Rating: Decent
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jaggars wrote:
but then someone else ran up to it and they were both going at it and no angry shouts were happening so I walked up to it and started mining...

Best part about gathering in FFXIV. :D

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Yeah it's a joy to not have to worry about people ganking nodes. As far as mining goes, and it seems this way with all the gathering ones (fishing, mining, botany), it's a simple game of hot and cold. Either you get closer or further away based on the message you get.
thumperbs wrote:
My only complaint thus far is the phasing towards "equal" play. The whining and the nerfing has graduated from particular talent/ability nonsense towards this new complete rewrite on what it means to be "balanced". If anything is going to kill this game its the sad state of people in general wanting things their way and only their way. Keep it up and we'll all be pansies with the same number of petals, thrown in an arena and told to pluck ourselves.
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I actually found Wint's guide for fishing to be enormously helpful. All gathering jobs seem to largely work on the same principles(although I haven't tried Fishing yet myself), although mining's target does tend to have a longer lag time between input and stopping, as compared to Botany.

Generally what I do is to tap Enter once for "strike", wait a split second, then tap Enter again. With practice, this should land your target in-between the middle and then smaller circle. If you got "You found nothing interesting", try again, this time aim to tap Enter just as the target expands to hit the inner circle. With the lag, this should land your target directly in between the inner and outer circles. I've found that 90% of the time it'll end up within these two zones.

Happy mining!
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I love mining (haven't tried the other crafts yet). I took the class up to 9 with no problem. One of the reasons I like it, there's plenty of nodes and others can use it (though they can collapse). This is drastic contrast to the melee/mage jobs since I can walk EVERYWHERE and not find a mob that's low level enough for me to attack as everyone else is already fighting them. Now that my leves are all on cooldown, I literally spend 10+ minutes trying to find a mob to hit. Mining on the other hand, I can hit lay of the land I or II, or prospect and off I go.

I also like hitting up the quarry sites in the caves using my sledge. It's quick, easy, and yields multiple results but little class experience. The regular mining has the minigame which takes a little getting use to with the current interface lag, but yields decent results and better exp.

Now if I could just figure out wtf the color levels for the mobs are. I'm having difficulties figuring out which I should level on as sometimes they take almost no hits to kill (green and blue) and other times they totally rip into me.

My issue comes down to crafting, especially blacksmith. Unless I missed where to get it in Uldah, I can't even make bronze ingots because I don't have the craft skill "smelt"...or arrowheads since I lack the skill for that....or nails. On top of that, I need to be in a forge area from what I understood. I'll tinker and explore later, maybe I overlooked a room or npc that offers that stuff seeing as there's no blacksmith shop in Uldah.

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I'm surprised this topic didn't start off with "...and i'm cancelling my pre-order" lol..anyway i tried mining too and I've now hit rank 9 in it where i'm minig grade 2 nodes. I get returns almost every time i mine a node and its good progression i liked it and yea i'm glad you can share nodes.
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