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#1 Sep 03 2010 at 9:45 PM Rating: Good
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I could never fully understand Torrents and how exactly they work...

I'm sitting here watching this because I really don't have anything else better to do, and...

It says that I have 17 out of 330 connected Seeds, and 31 out of 6682 connected peers.

The speed is jumping _wildly_ between 10kb/sec and 150kb/sec (my max is about 150-160kb/sec).

I have the Download set to unlimited (obviously) and the upload set to... I forget, I think it is 10kb/sec. I found that uploading and downloading the same time can vastly affect performance too.

Anyways... why does the stupid thing keep hanging at 10-40kb/sec when I'm capable of doing 100+ more, if it would only connect to a few more of those _hundreds_ of seeds (or _thousands_ of peers)?

I can understand it in a case of there only being a seeder or two and only a couple peers, but there's hundreds, and thousands of them.. surely it could deliver more of a reliable speed.

I have ports forwarded/opened/etc, and uTorrent is giving me a green checkmark status, and nobody else at my household is currently using the internet and I'm not using the computer for anything else, other than browsing these forums and running a very light traffic telnet connection (16kb over 30min).

Is there anything else I could do to improve this? I've always hated the unreliable speeds of using Torrent, and it has always made me shy away from using it unless I absolutely must. With a regular HTTP connection, I can download 130-150kb/sec straight, and never go above or below it, a nice even speed. I try a Torrent and it wildly jumps up and down, and there's seemingly nothing I can do about it.
#2 Sep 03 2010 at 9:53 PM Rating: Good
3,397 posts

Someone suggested I raise the upload limit in another thread, so I tried that... it seems a Little more stable, better than it was I suppose.
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