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Can you join Guilds?Follow

#1 Sep 04 2010 at 12:39 AM Rating: Decent
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Okay so I have been playing for a while now, I finised the quest you get when you first get into a city, visited all the guilds and got all the dialogue cutsence things done for that quest series at the adventure's guild.

Now, is there any way to actually join any of the guilds at this point? I think I have talked to almost everyone at each of the guilds, even the one for my class, and have not found a way to join one yet.

I also see NPC's at several of them asking for guild points to buy perks for whatever class the guild represents, did I miss something or is this just not implemented in the OB?

Other then the confusion surounding the guilds, I haven't really run into any major problems and can't wait for retail.

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i think you have to be a certain level to enroll. i traveled from Gland to Uld and talkd to the gladiator guild and they said i had "not seen enough winters yet" making it sound like maybe your actually rank of your character has to be a certain level. (my phys is 11 but my rank was only 6 so...) that and it might be turned off
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