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One thing I have been concerned about but haven't really seen any documentation on it is exp mechanics in a party.

One of the biggest flaws in ffxi that was the indirect reason for a lot of people quitting was the inability to party with friends that do not have a job in your level range. As most of us know, after many years SE finally addressed the problem with the level sync system. I would hope that they learned from their mistakes but I have yet to really find out first hand. So, to make it simple I will break it down into a few basic questions.

1.) Is there an experience penalty for being in a party?
2.) If there is a penalty is it based solely or in part on how many people are in the party?
3.) Is the base exp earned for a kill determined by the highest level person in the party with lower level people getting some fraction of the "full amount" or is the exp earned directly linked to your level with a penalty for having higher level members in your party? (in the second method a level 10 person could get exp off of a mob while being in a party with a level 20 person that no longer gets exp from mobs of that level.)
4.) and this is what I mainly want to know: 6 months from now when my ps3 friends start playing will I be able to play with them while still progressing with my own character in some way? Or will I basically be putting my own character on hold until they catch up, or worse, always be excluding them because other friends want to party and they aren't high enough level.
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The system in place doesn't place an xp reduction based on level disparity in party members but level disparity will yield stupid results imo - i mean if you're level 25 and your party mate is level 10 you either kill level 30 mobs (and your friend gets crap skill ups because he misses a lot), or you kill level 15 mobs (and your friend gets crap skill ups because you kill the mob too fast)..
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I guess it's better than the original ffxi where you got squat for killing a mob with a higher level person in your party. Although it sounds like it would pave the way for ridiculous power leveling so hopefully it gets changed. I really think the level sync system of ffxi was an ingenious idea by SE. Combined with the armor scaling when level sync'd it really changed the game. I wish it would have been implemented a lot sooner before a lot of my more casual friends quit playing because they got left behind.
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