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#1 Sep 04 2010 at 9:50 AM Rating: Good
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So, I was chatting with a friend today, He has a character who I beleive is a level 14 or 15 Marauder, Physical Rank I can't remember (sorry ;p ) I also created a Marauder (Rank5), however when we hit the same type of mob (star marmot), literally next to each other, He noticed that he was killing the monster slower. I was doing around 100 damage a hit, he was doing around 75ish.

He said his weapon was not beoken, I can't even see the Durability on the item screen <_<...

So I was wondering if anyone else had this sort of situation, I then noticed that the Rank needed to wield the weapon doesn't say requirement, but that Rank 1 was "Optimal" for the Axe.

Maybe the higher you are from a given optimum level, the worse you do with it? Encouraging weapon upgrades often, and I guess to keep crafters selling stuff not only every 10 levels?

Can anyone give some isnight or personal experiences related to this?
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what is his str and whats yours

Note: mobs are not all the same btw they all have diferent stas to some degree

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#3 Sep 04 2010 at 9:59 AM Rating: Good
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That's an interesting theory.

There could be a few things at play.

Even if the weapon isn't broken, lower durability does mean lower damage. So it's always good to keep your weapon nice and new. If I have the materials, I'd try to repair to full any time the weapon dips below 75% durability.

Also as mentioned above, the colors for "checking" monster strength is terribly varied. It's just like the "Easy Preys" in FF11 that would kill people quite handily after a certain level. You two could have been fighting different level monsters.

And also, he could have misappropriated his stats in some sort of weird way. I will admit that getting to Rank 15 Marauder within the first 2 days of Open Beta is very impressive. If it was Physical level 15, lower rank Marauder, the numbers would have made a lot more sense.

But all that being said, I wouldn't put it past S-E to use that Optimal Rank value in the manner you're describing. I know equipping gear when your rank is lower than the optimal rank does lower the stats of the gear, but I never imagined that equipping gear that was way lower than you would also lower the item.

Maybe that means we won't have the Leaping Boots and Peacock Charms of eras past this time around.
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If I'm reading this correctly, you're saying I can take a "optimum level" 8 item and equip it on my rank 6 character?
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#5 Sep 04 2010 at 10:30 AM Rating: Good
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That's exactly what I did in closed beta. Not sure if it still works in open. I haven't attempted to buy anything yet.

I was physical level 17, conjurer rank 15 in closed beta, and I bought those optimum rank 22 cool white robes and equipped them no problem. Stats were most likely abysmal, but it was only 2 days before the end of closed beta, so I just wanted some cool armor screenshots, and I didn't care about battle effectiveness.

I wouldn't suggest equipping stuff higher level than you, at least not without keeping your original gear, so you can test out how it effects stats/damage, etc.
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