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Ok, for those who are still downloading, the 1st of 7 files takes forever then it goes faster for the rest. It took me approximately 14 hours to download it all. During this time I looked at some of the 'faster' ways, the torrents ect., but they all said you had to open this install this here and stuff that as a computer user idiot I did not feel comfortable doing. During the normal download my download was near 50ishkb and the upload was near 120iskb(or the other way around). The downloader stopped a couple of times but it always gave me a message when it had, don't worry if there are long times were it seems there is no activity and everything is showing 0's, it is proably doing something on your HD or some such, if it actually stops or disconnects you will get a little pop up screen telling you so, and when you click on it and read it it automatically shuts it all of so you can restart.

After you have it all loaded you will then be asked to install it all, and this takes a while to, not sure exactly how long- I went to eat while it was going on but after like 10 minutes it was only at 14% of file 1 :) After you intall
there is gonna be a little thingy added to you comp(shows on mystart button options list) call Final Fantasy XIV Beta Version Config. Click on that to set up some video sound ect options...if not you go in windowed mode that doesn't take up the whole screen(unless your lucky and your system matches their preset options). I would advise after download and install and setting config to go and defrag your comp, mine was at 0% before starting and was at 14% after I finished, and even as stupid as I am on computers I know having your disk defragged helps performace alot. play. I have only played one FF title, the one with Cloud and Tifa..7 I think. Well, I was soo lost at first(still am). I started in the forest city area and my 1st quest was to go to Blacksomethingoranother Grove, that was the 'closest' canp to the city. It took me like 1 1/2 hours to find it, and I was asking people I saw where it was, only responses I got was a couple 'LOL I am looking for that place to'. After you find it you gotta attune to this blue thing in the middle of the camp...not as easy as it sounds, I had to click on buttons and crud till I finally noticed a little bitty new thing was on my stats button, so I clicked that and yay finally! Then I get a leve quest thing to do, and it tells me to watch my lil mini map as to where I need to go. Ok, I tried and tried to follow the little gold arrow looking indicator and kept getting moved because of unpassable terrain, mountains and the like, to not where it was. Finally after running in circles for 1/2 the alotted time I got lucky and took the right set of turns and got to my area. On a side note, I saw several of the creatures I was supposed to kill before I got to 'my' area' but I could not attack them, only when I got to my area and the game told me I was at my area could I kill them.
After killing them you get a couple little things to do and click on to finsh, then you get an option to use a remote shiny thing that has appeared to go back to camp or stay, fortuneately I now knew how to use it so I could get back to start the next level thing.

Needless to say all this has frustrated me somewhat. It seems way harder than nay MMO I have played before, not like in difficulty of monsters ect, in difficulty just getting arround and knowing what to do, the learning curve seems really steep. Like you gotta click on every NPC you see or you won't get any information you need at all, no way to tell which NPC might be one who actually is important with information or is one who will say 'Nice day huh?' and that's it. The map function, after hitting M in game doesn't really give you any idea where to go, like the 1st thing of finding that camp, it woulda been nice if it showed on my map or had like a little indicator pointing me in the direction it was, cause it was not see-able from the M map when I got it even though the quest giver said she was marking it. There may be a way to scroll the map around and see more tha what is just shown when you open it, but I haven't found it yet.

This is about all I have done so far, not much actually, just giving a little of my impressions while the servers are down. I am sure things will get easier as I do more and learn more about how things work ingame.

The gameplay is visually stunning, I am very impressed with it, using high settings on all options and getting no visible lag at all. The cutscenes are fun and pretty. Hope they add more character customizations options...faces, hair ect, this is always one of my favorite parts of a game, making a character and right now this does seem lacking in FFXIV as far as options.

Anyone who wants to give me tips on what to do and how to do it please please add them in this thread, right now any help at all is greatly appreciated :) Forgive my bad speeling and grammar, hope to see you in game.
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