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Opinion of FFXVIFollow

#1 Sep 04 2010 at 11:36 AM Rating: Default
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Ok well in my opinion I think Square has really dropped the ball on this game, I will post everything from the order I was thinking it.


The downloader is really bad, like it takes 25-50% of the cpu doing nothing (literary its sitting at 0.0b/s) not only that it is quite slow at downloading the client. I am not sure why they think the need to make their own VM for this game but its totally unnecessary and makes more annoyances than it fixes.

Character creation

-Its nice to have more variations of characters but I am quite disappointed in the customization, being a modern game you will think they would adopt the "sims" character designer where you can totally change everything using sliders instead a set of 4-6 presets. This worked well in games like perfect world which is a free mmo. I also think its sad that my PS2 game of saints row 2 has more detail than this.

-Races names have been changed from FFXI to FFXVI for no real reason, I think the names before were alright and a mark on the community.

-In creation you get no feedback on what stats do(str, dex, moon, guardian) this happens in a lot of online games but it would be nice to have some contextual feedback.

-When creating your character the camera starts so zoomed out and slowly zooms in for each of the characters you select, it makes it hard to see them in full detail for 2-4 seconds. (slow)

-When selecting presets you cannot rotate.

-Factions : Ok this is one of my larger concerns. Just starting the game you have no clue what faction you want to join expect it forces you to make a random choice. What I think it should do instead if make everyone neutral, start somewhere between the three so that you are given the option to check out, meet people and choose which one you want instead of "umm here sounds alright, I guess".

In game

-The cut-scenes are really slow pace, I don't mind watching a video if its going to grab my attention.

-Little direction when you have control. In games like wow, there are arrows on peoples heads right in front of you, click, run off killing boars. In FFXIV you see a bunch of people you talk to a few people run around trying to figure out that the one guy you need to click is covered by 20 other guys and it teleports you somewhere else.

-Inventory : This was my larger issues with FFXI and I am not happy to see it return. When you have items equipped it takes a slow from your bag to have it equipped to you. This means if you are fully geared you have less room to hold stuff than if you were naked. Some of you might say "this makes sense" but then tell me this...why would armor, rings, earings or boots take up a slot? your not holding your boots in your bag while you are walking around. Like I can understand if weapons and ammo are in the bag but armor?...really?

-Lack of starter monsters in the area where you start out is annoying, I was getting frustrated with trying to find something with walking to the east for five minuets that when I finally encountered a dodo I was excited to see something I can finally kill, get ready weapon and attacked to deal 2 damage and it hit me for over 2k...

-When I died from that dodo it took me a few minuets to figure out how to res, I am used to a prompt coming up asking me if I wanted to return that I thought the game bugged out. When I did res the game bugged out and I could walk around for a bit before it tele me back to the city. When I finally got back out into the field and found a proper monster I could not attack it because I was bugged from death and needed to re-log.

-Combat is pretty slow pace and feels unresponsive, Like trying to cast a spell takes forever (click on the spell, click monster and hope you click on it and not the ground) hopefully the slowness will be fixed in larger battles but as soloing its an issue.

-After getting in a fight I noticed my mana was not recovering, I have no idea to this point on how to recover it and I found sitting does nothing but reduce my hp recovery time.

At this point I got really frustrated with the system that I shut down the game after walking around for 10 minuets trying to find a monster to kill. I will attempt to try it out more...after the patcher actually finally works.

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I'm testing a lot in the beta. I put all my stats into DEX. Crazy thing is though: I still miss a lot. Weapon skills miss a lot. So I'll just have to keep testing. I'd hate to see it with all STR lol
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