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anyone know some gridania camps? (and my camps shared)Follow

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Ok so I started fighting the star marmots outside the town, then moved on to the funguar thingys near camp brentbranch. I did this to about lvl 4
Next i moved to the north east of central forest and killed whatever i could handle (fungaurs, marmots, etc) up to lvl 8ish.
Then i went to camp emerald moss and -slowly- killed Thistletail Marmots. I've been doing that since and i'm level 13 now (and by level i mean marauder rank 13 not phys lvl)
The best camp i find is near the zone to the east.

1-4: path to + around camp brentbranch
4-8: Northeast central forest
8-13: Camp Emerald Moss

Anyone know where to go after this? or any suggestions?
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Best places are the ones off of the paths. And by paths I mean the ones shown on the map AND the obvious areas folks have to go to to get to the first 3 camps. So if you go off the normal travel route, especially in caves you should have a bit of success.

I've found way more camps in Gridania than I have in the other two starting areas. Which is odd because at least on the servers I've messed around with Gridania seems to be the most crowded.
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I'd love to know how people manage to level in Ul'adh. I've wandered for hours and found nothing but sparce marmots and rock things, a few bettles, a midge swarm, and things that hit for 600-1200. There seems to be no middle ground. Either you contend with 3 people for one low level mob, or get one-shotted. Am I exploring everywhere BUT where I should be at level 11/rank 8 or is Ul'adh just crappy for low levels?
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