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I lost my other thread which I made a few days ago so I'm making a new one called "Did You Know?"...its simple, you know something we don't know? share it with us even if you don't think its worth sharing - because half the time someone will find it useful; I'll kick it off.

Did you know?

- recently there's been talk about the mobs and how they "con" (meaning how tough they are) and about the color coding they used to differentiate the tough mobs from the easy ones. During this conversation someone brought up guildleve mobs and how even on easy leves they con "red" or most difficult (or for FFXI fans Incredibly Tough)yet they go down with a few swings...well I just noticed that when mobs are in a party (as they are usually during leves) the color indicator next to a mob will dictate how difficult the entire party of mobs is - so when you take out one or two of them (say its a 3 mob party) the 3rd one alone will only con green or blue. Just thought I'd share, because we concluded the system was still broken and wasn't telling us the truth, is it seems.

- On an unrelated notes, did you know the random chests actually give out useful stuff the further you are from the city? I just got my first "rank 10 area" chest and It gave me 1500gil and a chainmail suit, I'll be honest I was a little excited about the suit of don't just run past those chests!

EDIT: - One more thing, for people finding it hard to target "nearest mob" I found the best way to do this is by clicking [enter] instead of tab tab tab tab tab tab....[enter] targets closest mob to you so when you're fighting a party of mobs, soon as the one you're targeting drops, click enter and you'll target the next one (and if you have auto lock on, the second time you click enter it'll lock onto the mob - to turn auto lock on open your config menu).

That's it, now your turn. :)

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Because this thread was such a huge success, I am bumping it; actually I have some advice to give players experiencing input lag/delay and figured i'll put it here, dunno if any other topics mention and hopefully it'll help someone. I know if you're as nooby as me when it comes to PCs you might not know this: my game was running smooth for the entire OB until recently for whatever reason - I started getting choppy and had major input lag in battle and crafting and what turns out my brother was downloading a torrent on his PC and when i turned the download off the game got a huge boost.

I know this may seem like common sense to a lot of you but its gotta atleast help one other person out there - so if you have someone in the house running a computer on the same IP as you, and you're experiencing lag, I would look there first to see what they may be doing. Also, I would close any background applications while playing the game, even small stuff can alter performance.
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Did you know...

...that usually when you try to keep a thread alive, it dies, and vice versa?


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