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#1 Sep 04 2010 at 7:45 PM Rating: Good
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Quick question first. I'm playing as Conjurer, I have all the elemental spells available at level 1. We all get 6 points per level to increase elements, is this elemental affinity or resistances? Will stacking points into fire increase the effectiveness of fire spells I cast? Or is it just for elemental defense?

Second, you can rank up a leve by picking multiple stars for difficulty AND by trading in completed leves. If the leves show a star symbol and a number greater than 0, these increase the rewards given by the leve. I've only seen increases of 1 and 0 so far, but I imagine more are possible in the future.

Has anyone else, via combining those two methods, ranked up an equipment reward given from a leve? An example is a standard quest gives woolen slops. Has anyone experimented with ranking them up high enough to grant a higher item such as silk slops or woolen slops +1/+2?
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i remember reading the elemental stats boost damage and resistance, but if its implemented properly I dunno if anyone's done any real testing on it.

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They are resistances but apparently they do also effect affinity. and I havent seen any +N gear, I did get gear as an additional reward from combining leves though
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