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So i was reading each jobs abilities while im waiting for the Servers to come back up and i thought id share some info i found intresting. Evedently Stats such as STR DEX and INT effect crafting as well. Each craft is governed by its own stat. You may ask "How do you know this?" and "What the **** you talking about?". Well for example at lvl 40 Goldsmith gains the ability MANIPULATION(Temporarily increases influence of dexterity on craftsmanship). A goldsmith deals with making jewerly and stuff. So it makes sense that he would be very Dexterous. If someone could test this out it would be great. Ill test as well when i get back on. Im listing the craft and its coresponding attribute below

*Goldsmith= Dexterity
*Alchemy= Intelligence
*Armorer= Vitality
*Blacksmith= Strength
*Carpenter= Not really sure.. nothing listed
*Culinarian= Piety
*Leatherworker= Nothing listed here either
*Weaver= Mind

Please feel free to add any thoughts. Also this may not even be a true representation. For example... -Pikko levels Gladiator up.. putting stats into STR. Its gonna take alot of time to re-allocate all those points to INT just to be a great Alchemist. But Pikko thought ahead and leveled Blacksmith first and unlocked SUBLIMINATION. Now Pikko can use STR to bolster Alchemy. Just specutations so far
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There seems to be a lot where crafting needs to gear for it's task just like mages or melee.

Also, a major x-factor seems to be stats achievable via equipment:

Cotton Robe
Cotton Coif
Hempen Scarf
Velveteen Scarf
Assault Sallet

So we have Craftsmanship, Magic Craftsmanship, Potency and Control. I haven't been able to tell what these contribute to, but my next goal is to gather some level-appropriate gear for control to see if it helps with durability loss during the synth.

My guess is this:
Craftsmanship: "Physical" recipes.
Magic Craftsmanship: "Magic" recipes.
Potency: Quality.
Control: Durability.

Plus, a lot of our tools seem to show "magic" related stats as well. Each of the below adds to magic potency as well as having as their main stats some of the aforementioned.

Iron Needle
Maple Spinning Wheel
Bronze File

So in addition to stats coming into play, it'd help a crafter to have level-specific gear to create optimal conditions.
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