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Question about mob'sFollow

#1 Sep 07 2010 at 10:48 AM Rating: Decent
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Hoping this is the right forum for this for a start, so no flaming me if it's in the wrong area m'kay

as i have been leveling my pug been wondering about the colours of the orbs next to the name and been watching them change colours, ive gathered that the red one's mean that i will most definitely die through experiance and getting 1 shotted on occasion :D

also is there like a check which ive missed like which was in XI which gave you a brief breakdown to see if you could take the mob or not?
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I'm a bit confused myself as I did a Rank 1 leve and the mobs were red bubble and I took them very easily. I'm guessing red means aggro?
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Enemy Toughness
An enemy’s degree of difficulty is represented by the color of the circle located in the extreme left portion of the unit frame. This display takes into account whether the player is solo or a member of a party.

Red – Incredibly Tough
Orange – Very Tough
Yellow – Tough
Green – Decent Challenge
Blue – Easy Prey

Although currently from what people have been saying they don't seem to represent the correct level due to the inconsistency between some mobs.

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its a bit inconsistent at the mo, i have killed a red mob with ease and then i got owned by a green mob >.<

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#5 Sep 07 2010 at 11:11 AM Rating: Decent
Pikko wrote:
I'm a bit confused myself as I did a Rank 1 leve and the mobs were red bubble and I took them very easily. I'm guessing red means aggro?

I don't think you can tell if they aggro at all unless you just know by experience. I can dance around in front of a red Snipper crab all day and they won't attack. Mud Puppys, on the other hand, are a different story. Maybe the Leve mobs work on a different principal.
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Red means they're either considerably above your class rank and/or that they link with other nearby mobs from what I can tell. It's sort of the inverse of how a mob can con red to you when you're solo but if you join a party with another person the mob goes green/blue.

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The leves are kind of misleading, IMO. At LAN 9 Phy 14, I can solo rank 3 bronze leves at the suggested level 10. Even though all of the monsters still constitute Red, I kill them in 1-3 hits. (Have to solo silvers, still)

This is even more skewed at levels 1-2 since everything will con RED to you.
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