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#1 Sep 07 2010 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Heya guys, i've been playing XIV for a few days now, I am level 11 and a level 8 Marauder but I am still in the same equipment that my character started with. I've done as many Leve quests as I can but I have received no items from them or the monsters i've killed.

How do you get better equipment in XIV? I've searched all the shops I could find and they have sold no other equipment (Apart from one guy who sells the axe I already have and a gladiator sword)

Also, I have an icon on my screen, it's a red circle with a sword and shield inside of it, the text is in Japanese so I can't understand it. I assume it's something to do with repairs, which I have had the NPC do to all of my items, but it is still there.

Any help would be great! Thank you!
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Just keep looking for leves that have equipment as rewards. I did 4 leves with equipment as rewards.
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You will get better armor doing lv 10 leves. I am lev 11/17 Phys and haven't come across a weapon as a reward yet, so I am biting the bullet and blacksmithing. Since I am smithing, I can now repair my own weapon to 100%, but I don't think I can repair my armor to 100%, as it probably takes leatherworker or some such stuff. I want to rank up armorsmith as well so I can make and repair my own armor. The red icon does mean repairs, but it won't go away after you repair your items, because it's bugged. What it is SUPPOSED to do is change back to yellow, because at 50% your gear is yellow damaged.
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I hate that there is a 'reset form' button on this forum, it's truly pointless and cost me my initial post...

tl;dr version:

How damaged are your undergarments? I couldn't remove mine to repair them with is why that icon might still be there for you.

As for weapon upgrades, check the 'weapons' tab on this page for recipes of new kit:
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