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Crafting and Gathering Skill's Secondary Tool....Follow

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is equipping a secondary tool for a crafting or gathering skill help in anyway?
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With gathering there are different types of spots, right now I'm fishing and had both equipped, so once in a while if I want to mix it up, I can run to the convenient spot nearby to spearfish once in a while, which often gives me bait. I don't think it helps in other ways, like increasing my stats if I have both...

Likewise with the other 2, there are specific spots where the secondary is needed to gather from it, there's also no minigame with the secondary ones

For crafting other people may know more, but I know if I'm trying a recipe that's hard for me, I suck with the main hand & the off hand items...

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never used my miners quarry tool. never seen one yet...
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DoH example:

Primary - Weathered Head Knife
Craftsmanship = 9
Magic Craftsmanship = 8
Control = 7

Secondary - Bronze Awl
Craftsmanship = 7
Magic Craftsmanship = 9
Control = 8

DoL example:

Primary - Weathered Fishing Rod
Gathering = 9
Output = 8
Scanning = 7

Secondary - Bronze Gig
Gathering = 8
Output = 7
Scanning = 9

There is usually a quarry point underneath Camp Bearded Rock. Look for the entrance next to the Sewer Mole area.
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