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How do you start crafting leves?Follow

#1 Sep 07 2010 at 7:04 PM Rating: Decent
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I know how to pick them up but what's the next step? I just dont get it lol. i got 8 crafting leves in my jounral and no idea how to start any of them. Someone said they supply the materials, but where and how?
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In some cases you were given the materials when you picked up the leve, should've been in the chatlog...for others you have to get the materials from them...usually an NPC in town or the NPCs at the camps...looking at it in the journal should tell you who...

When you talk to the right NPC, there will be a chat option to select the name of the leve...

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Cool, thanx. Another thing, does it tell you the recipe?
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With the crafting leves you don't physically get the materials in your inventory...when it's time to craft, switch to the proper class and then click on "synthesis" in the menu

On the crafting menu, there's a button for "Requested Items", click that and then find the leve name in the drop down menu, when you do this the materials will all show up, there's lots of silly confirmation menus involved, but other than that it's automated...the shards are free also...

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I was trying a few crafting Leves today. It kinda stinks that they tell you who to go to, but they don't tell you where they are in some cases. You basically have to run around blindly until you find them. It's the equivalent of one my friends telling me to come pick them up, but not telling me where to go to do it. "I'm in town somewhere, just drive around and maybe you'll run into me eventually".
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We have everyone in Gridania and Ul'dah documented, so if you need to, just search for them on this site. But yeah, they should give you some general directions in game.
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