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#1 Sep 07 2010 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Okay. Has anyone else noticed this? I was just creating a Hyur female and upon changing the face type in the character creation screen, I noticed it also changed her breast size. Not sure about the other classes as this was the first female I noticed it on. I found this to be so laughable, I spit my drink all over the place.
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It has been subtly suggested in some character edition videos in YouTube.

I looked deeper into it and seems that the ESRB rating would force games which can adjust body shape to be have M (or higher) rating, but the way around it is allowing the body customizing indirectly (like in this case changing the face type)

Currently only Elezen an Hyur have this "option" Miqo'te won't change no matter which face you choose and Lalafell well... Lalafell is just out of the question.


Edit: forgot to add, Body shaping is considered by the association a "Sexual theme" that's why it will push the rating to M.

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