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Conjurer Nukes+Elemental Stats(Small Test)Follow

#1 Sep 08 2010 at 12:33 AM Rating: Good
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So since I toyed with my elemental stats to see the effect of it on gathering shards with fishing, I went ahead and ran a small test on my rank 12 conjurer's nukes against Thistletail Marmots near Camp Drybone. Basically nuked 10 times with each element and then averaged it out.(Didn't count full resists in the numbers to just look at damage)

Stats at the time were Fire55, Water15, Lightning59, Wind16, Earth13, Ice14

Fire 316.1(High-371/Low-283)
Thunder 308.1(High-343/Low-272)
Water 303.9(High-365/Low-200)
Blizzard 278(High-301/Low-240)
Aero 274(High-319/Low-198)
Stone 209.2(High-260/Low-136)

No doubt they're strong against earth and weak to water. My stats are pretty extreme and the gimped water stat still almost matched fire & thunder. So, as to be expected, finding the weakness will be important. While I have the stats jacked up like that I should try to find stuff weak & strong to fire & lightning and see how that goes. Anyway, thought people would like to see some numbers concerning the damage from elemental stats. It clearly affects the damage, but monster weakness is very important.

Added in the highs & lows for each...looking at that shows the higher stats staying near top damage where water had a low of 200 despite being strong to the enemy...

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