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A bit confused about the mechanics behind exchanging levesFollow

#1 Sep 08 2010 at 5:33 AM Rating: Decent
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I haven't played enough to have a mess around and figure out how this works as I've been switching between different characters. I just returned to an NPC for the first time as my 48 hours had passed and I was able to take new leves. I know that the more leves I exchange for a single new one, the higher my reward is, but I don't understand how exactly it works and it'll be another 48 hours before I can try doing it again.

When I had the option to exchange, some of them had numbers next to them. Some were 1, and some 0. I assume the number is how many times I've completed that leve as I failed a couple due to logging out. Is this correct?

Are there some rules such as not being able to re-do exchanged leves. So if I had leve 1, 2, 3 and 4 in my journal, all completed, and I take a new leve and exchange all 4 previously completed ones, would I not be able to retake the first 4 from the NPC?

Or something I just thought of that makes more sense... Can I keep completing leves that are in my journal over and over again (every 48 hours) simply by returning to the aetheryte and initiating it again? And the exchange system is simply a way of swapping them, otherwise the same ones will stay in the journal forever?

It just seems like I'm rambling now, so I apologise if this doesn't make sense. I just haven't had the opportunity to experiment with the system due to doing other things.
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as far as i can tell it only increases gil value, and moderatly at that, however i did note trading in that equipment is also highlighted, so possibly, maybe with enough higher lvl leves the gear might change, but i doubt it
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the 1 & 0 next to them does not equal how many times completed. I exchanged mine yesterday, some had 1's some had 0's but I had not failed any, so the 0's can't mean failed/not completed. I am guessing it might have something to do with the added reward for exchanging?
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I think the "1" means it rewards 1 faction point or w/e. Some award faction points while others dont. And you require faction points to do faction guildleves. Which i would assume are the good ones for nice loot. They start at level 20.

But yeah im not at all sure how trading them works either.
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