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Hey guys :)

So heres the thing, I am a TOTAL FF noob. I never got into the FF games (My GF on the other hand, played em all except for FFXI) so I'm not gonna pretend that I know anything, but hey thats why I need your help :).

I've played MMO's for a good 10 years, and I usually pick things up as I go along, but I am noticing a huge gap of information being presented to the player in this game (It's probably just me). I'm having my AHA moments as I go along but one thing I have not been able to figure out what so ever is HOW on earth can I get new Items?

I've learned that people with small bags next to their names have their "private shops", but what about NPC Vendors for items/gears/accessories? I'm in Limsa Lominsa and all I can find are these merchants who seem to be selling crafting supplies. Is that the only way to score gear? Not a single mob I've killed has dropped any item(s).

Quests: So other than the Leve/Guild quests are there any other quests? (Being beta I know its very limited).
Are the Levequests supposed to fail if you crash or is this a bug? I tried doing 3 levequests earlier on today and I got 3 random game error crashes and everytime I logged back in the levequest was failed (really hope this is a bug)

I'm sorry if these have all been asked before and I tried to find relevant treads


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There is only an extremely limited number of NPC vendors selling weapons/armor. SE is trying to put the majority of the item production in the hands of the players.

Aside from the nation quests and levequests, nobody has found any other sources for quests in the game yet. That will likely change to some extent when the game starts official service.

It's not exactly a bug that your levequests are flagged as failed if you crash while they're in progress, but it's something a great many people (myself included) would expect SE to be changing in the extremely near future. In fact, I kind of want to see it fixed before OB ends.
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The only real weapon upgrade i have found was a longbow at a shop in gridania cost about 14k gil.
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Is there a way to purchase items from the players right now?, other than the run up to someone with a small bag next to their name and see what they have for sale. Some kind of Auction House? I've heard of Bazaar and I see it as a tab in my inventory. Is the bazaar something to use or the bazaar is the "private shop"

I've found myself to really fall for this game and would hate to reach a point of confusion where I will not give it a fair chance. I've pre-ordered and I'm gonna try out the retail before any decision is made but hopefully I can acquire enough knowledge of the game in OB so that I can have a smooth launch when retail hits the stores.

Speaking of these few rare NPCs who sell gear/wep, would any1 know where and if they are located in Limsa Lominsa

Thank for the help so far guys. truly appreciated

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