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#1 Sep 08 2010 at 11:07 PM Rating: Good
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First don't get me wrong, this isn't a deal breaker for me and I'm certainly not trying to be negative, we got plenty of that on these forums as is. This just concerns me is all.

So, correct me if I'm wrong. But I thought I read somewhere that you have to attack manually for every attack...

So wouldn't that mean that if you don't click perfectly your gonna loose some power. Like say ur 5% off from perfect timing, which effectively cancels out the power of that really cool piece of body armor that your wearing now. As in, you'd be just as powerful if you wore nothing for body armor and got perfect timing on your attacks instead.

I know auto-attack isn't the most entertaining thing in the world but at least you don't have to worry about canceling out some of your DD power because you can't time your clicks perfectly.

please tell me I'm missing something here. It just scares me because if the gear follows in the same veins as ffxi's gear, each piece won't lend much more than 1% (a lot of them fractions of 1%) power increase and it is preety darn easy to go off from perfect timing by 1% lol!
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You're not as bad as you think because you can queue up the next attack while the current one is still going. You won't need perfection, just attention.
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A possible retainer idea
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I don't think it really matters because of how the stamina gauge works--if you don't time your attack as soon as you have the stamina for it, any extra stamina just carries over to whatever next action you plan to take anyway.
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Timing at least for now doesn't seem to be a huge deal as long as you are actually doing something. I really enjoy this combat system so far because I feel so much more involved. I'll admit I was also concerned before playing for myself, I thought that it would get old really quickly but it has proven to be a lot of fun.

Here is a little of how it works (for me anyways)
Everyone (DoW and DoM) starts off with a basic attack which until you reach rank 2 you'll just have to spam. Keep in mind it seems you can actually queue the next spell a tiny bit ahead of time.
As you progress and get more spells/actions you essentially have more to do unless you're waiting for TP to build. For example if I'm attacking something that is pretty tough for instance a orange or red dodo (on a rank 8 CON) my attacks look something like: Stone Skin > Shock Spikes > engage with nuke > nuke > nuke > cure if needed > reapply Stone Skin > nuke until dead.
For easier mobs it's more of a nuke > Spirit Dart until dead if less than 40% health.

Hope this helps.
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Oh theres a queue? thats fantastic! hopefully that'll smooth things out a bit. Thanks for the replies guys, much appreciated.
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