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#1 Sep 09 2010 at 5:18 AM Rating: Good
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I noticed something while I was skilling Lancer. I was Rank 3 and I was spamming Light Thrust/Skewer getting about 100-150 skill points on average. I noticed in my actions that I had a skill called Heavy Thrust so I set it and started cycling between Light/Heavy/Skewer. Suddenly I went from 100 to maybe 200 skill points per battle to about 250-400 on average. I was fighting the same monsters the whole time and I was amazed at the difference just alternating attacks makes on skilling up.

Has anyone else noticed this with other classes?

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Haven't really noticed that but I'll keep an eye out the next time I'm playing thaumaturge to see if different abilities make me skill up more.
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Using higher-level moves and abilities will definitely give you more skill points.

Think of it this way: Level 1 - walk, level 3 run. Are you going to get more exp walking or running?
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I was playing around with this last night, and I wasn't able to pin down any discernible pattern to it. From what I can tell, higher-damage moves will net you more skill points for that particular move, but they also kill the mob quicker, meaning you have less potential strikes to earn skill points with. If, for example, you 1-shot a mob with a weapon skill you might get 100-200 skill points, or you might get absolutely nothing for that mob. But if you whack away at it with low level attacks getting 50 skill points every so often with a hit, you might end up with the same 100-200 skill points anyway.

It's sort of balanced that way, I believe. I've earned large and small amounts of skill points doing both methods. I think it's to prevent people from equipping a level 1 weapon, then hacking away at a single mob for an hour to raise their skill.
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Yeah i'm not entirely sure how skill points are determined. There was a period where I was doing nothing BUT heavy strike with my pug (at around rank 9-10) trying to see if I can prolong battles and get more skill ups. At most I was getting around ~100 skill points at the end of each fight. Once I started throwing in my TP skills and other abilities I was once again getting around ~250.
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The major problem with skill points is that they are based off of damage done or the effect they take on the monster. That means people who end up having to heal/buff the party a lot in a battle (in a group situation) will be seeing very little XP, if any at all.

I am pretty sure if you are doing less damage to a monster you will be getting less XP in general in this game.

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