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FFXIV fried my PC :(Follow

#102 Sep 14 2010 at 12:46 AM Rating: Decent
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hey, what about trying using lower settings? This game should be able to run with low graphics, allowing you to play at least.
Well I did fry my graphic card in the past too... So I understand ya.
try getting a case fan, it's incredible to see 80 degrees... Just to say to you my pc has five fans, it's important to keep it fresh and alive.
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#103 Sep 14 2010 at 1:43 PM Rating: Decent
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My problem was never overheating. That was another poster that was highjacking my thread. I always had many fans on my PC. Although ffxiv could very well have overheated it, I dont think that was the case. But as far as I knew my temperatures were never really that bad. Mind you I never checked while playing FFXIV.

But yeah...A lot in the thread have thought the guy posting about his heat issues was me. It wasnt. Gotta love thread highjackers lol.

I'm pretty sure my issue was just from regular wear and tear with a slight lack of maintenance on my part. No biggie. This just gives FFXIV more time to get polished before I start playing lol.

Edit: on a side note I did play FFXIV on lower settings for the most part, and it still looked brilliant. I found the graphic settings in FFXIV really didnt make a huge difference performance wise on my PC. Whether **** was maxed or not I still got basically the same performance out of it. But I did play it on lower/medium settings just to be safe. Definitely one of the most intense mmo's out there as far as graphics go. Only one that comes close really is AoC. But I really like the art style a lot more in FFXIV.

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