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When you're talking about party play, there's no obvious preference for disciples of war vs. disciples of magic. War has important roles, like tank, DD, and hate management, that magic can't really do. And magic has important roles (heal, buff, debuff) that war can't really do. You can't say that one category is better or worse for a party, you need both to make a balanced group.

But how about when you talk about solo play? Are disciples of war and disciples of magic equally good? I've hit lvl 12 on my conjurer, and I find that I'm very self sufficient -- I can heal myself, put out spike damage with nukes, and enhance my survivability with buffs. But if I was a disciple of war with better HP and defense, would I need those heals in solo? And if my basic attacks and weaponskills were stronger, would I need nukes?

So my question to the community is, in solo play, do disciples of war and disciples of magic even out in terms of damage and survivability? Or are there clear advantages to one? Or is there a class that beats all other classes at solo?
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well you're smart in keeping the distinction at "war" and "magic". this isnt like dragoon solo versus thf solo, which were very different classes. the disciples of war are all very balanced, at least for soloing, because they're all so generalized.

as war, you need to, i think, utilize some magic. why? because youve got MP and might as well use it. self buffs would work best because you dont have to rely on magic accuracy to land the spell
you also will need self-healing moves from the lancer and/or marauder tree, along with second wind.

both classes do the same damage relatively, so perhaps mages will naturally be 'better' for soloing. mages also have more flexible damage ranges. they can choose to use attacks + weaponskill spells, or nuke outright, or do all sorts of stuff.
disciples of war can do one thing: attack and use weaponskills. If you can't defeat a certain enemy, i think it'd be difficult to find a strategy to defeat them as a disciple of war, because your progress curve is pretty much vertical. meanwhile mages have more options to overcome challenges.

not just debuffs and buffs, but methods of doing damage. for example - really hard enemy? use a ton of mp to nuke the enemy quickly. if youre about to die as a War, you cant really do much to help you out in a pinch (no 2-hour abilities hurt physical classes a lot). meanwhile mages have many options.

however there's only 2 mage classes, and mana is very sparse. however, the 10 minute cooldown ability that regens 50% mp (both conjurer and thaumaturge get their own identical version of this spell) helps

Requested self-ban from admin. Later guys, good luck
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At level 10 THM and level 13 CON thusfar on my DoM class, I've had very few problems with MP management. As long as you don't go overboard nuking, it's fine. Spirit Dart/Phantom Dart both work really well for doing damage. The 10 minute cooldown on the MP recovering abilities isn't a big deal with decent MP management. Putting a good amount of skill points into MND helps to build your MP pool.
We'll see how it plays out at higher levels on release.
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