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three things I'd like to see and a couple of questionsFollow

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Hello all,

I am still fairly new to these forums as a poster so sorry if any of this has already been said. Let me start off by saying I love almost anything Final Fantasy and so far this game is no exception! The graphics are awesome, and as a multi-tasker I love the ability to change classes on the fly into whatever I would like to be. Yet, here are a couple of things I would love to see implemented come release:

1) To see my level (job/physical) all the time, not just when the menu is open (maybe there's a way to do this and I'm just a dummy?)

2) The ability to open the menu while fishing or crafting or even fighting. Sometimes I want to see something in my inventory or abilities without cancelling out the craft and then opening up the menu.

3) A sort of some time, doesn't have to be auto-sort, manual is fine....pleeeeeeease?

Now onto a couple of questions:

1a) I really love both the Marauder and the Conjurer class, so much so that I constantly go back and forth between these leveling them. If you like both War/Magic classes like I do, how do you place your points? Do you even them out between Strenght/Intelligence for example...or do you focus more on one than the other? Also, do you think it's feasible at all once the game goes live to be both of these classes and actually be GOOD at both? Dilemmas...

2a) As I'm crafting I almost always wait for a solid color, not the flashing colors, but do you think how long you wait seems to matter? It may just be superstition left in me after FFXI, but I always wait until the bar is somewhere between the n-t-h in "Standard SyNTHesis" and it really seems to help...does anyone else do this or am I just crazy?
Not so much of a question there, just internal questioning on my part I guess.

Thanks for reading, comments welcome :)

I can handle it.
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