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brought to you by the folks at !!

and to prove that i'm an absolute geek/nerd - and slightly obsessive/compulsive - i've started an excel spreadsheet of every item i farm, buy and trade or just see for sale... along with what the NPCs will pay for the item, what the NPCs sell the item for and various markups from 30% to 2000%.

30% - 100% markup over what an NPC would pay for an item is what i charge, depending distance from farmed item... and of course popular pricing.

example of NPC markup on an item... Mole Meat: NPC pays 199, sells for 4347 - markup of 2184% !!

if anyone is interested in adding to this list - i will be updating the spreadsheet with all items and making it available as a download and viewable online.

added so far...

Bone Chip
Bone Chip +1
Bone Chip +2
Bronze Arrowheads
Bronze Swallowtail Arrowheads
Cloves +2
Cloves +3
Copper Ore
Copper Ore +1
Cotton Boll
Cotton Boll +1
Cotton Boll +3
Cotton Fent
Flint Stone
Flint Stone +1
Flint Stone +3
Formic Acid
Gridania Wallnut
Gridania Wallnut +1
Gridania Wallnut +2
Hempen Fent
Hempen Gown
Hempen Half Gloves
Hempen Robe
Hempen Yarn +3
Lauan Half Mask
Majoram +1
Marmet Meat
Marmet Meat +1
Marmet Meat +3
Marmet Pelt
Marmet Pelt +1
Marmet Pelt +2
Moko Grass
Moko Grass +1
Moko Grass +2
Mole Meat
Mole Sinew
Mutton Loin
Mutton Loin +1
Ram Horn
Rat Pelt
Rat Pelt +1
Rat Pelt +3
Rat Tall
Sheep Skin
Sheep Skin +1
Sheep Skin +2
Tin Ore
Tin Ore +1
Undyed Hempen Cloth
Weathered Robe
Willow Log
Yellow Copper Ore
Yellow Copper Ore +1
Yellow Copper Ore +2
Arduino Edenfell, Lancer
Disciple of War and Magic
Black Shroud, Gridania

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