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Collector's Edition or Regular Pre-Paid?Follow

#1 Sep 12 2010 at 12:50 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey all, this is my first time posting on any of the forums. I'm excited to play FFXIV but I'm not sure whether to pre-order the standard package or the collector's edition. The big question is which in-game bonus item will be better, the Garlond Goggles (standard package) that "increases the speed of skill up progression" or the Onion Helm (Collector's Edition) which "quickens recovery following KO." For now I'd like to ignore the other perks of the collector's edition and just focus on which would be better between the two items above. I am not part of the Beta testing and do not know much about the rate of skill ups or the rate of recovery following KO. Does anyone have any insight into which of these would be more beneficial to a player? Thanks
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the rate of craft skill & DD skill go actually very very low, so the google > helm x10 but get both wont hurt. As Se reply you can use both serie code in 1 acc
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I think I read somewhere that the googles were aimed at low levels and would only really be useful in helping the SE people to catch up on the CE people (1 week head start). I'm not sure if that's true or not though.

While the helmet seems like it will useful at all levels.
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Helm would be useless later in the game, no point in quickly recovering from weakness when the rest of your party is still gonna be recovering.
I wonder how the goggles work exacly.
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Awesome. Thanks for the tips. I'll probably go for the goggles, but just to be sure, can anyone tell me what getting beaten senseless and left for dead is like in FFXIV? I know in FFXI you got slaughtered, you collapse to the ground, and then you either reraise, get someone to raise you, you warp back to your homepoint, or you wait for a raise until your hour runs out. What are the death mechanics of FFXIV? If it is the same then I agree with the above poster. It seems like the helm will be little more than something to show off at higher levels. If you have to wait for others to unweaken, you may as well join them. Not to say it won't have it's moments of value, but I just can't see it comparing to the goggles. Anyways, just my current thoughts.
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MaFi0s0 wrote:
Helm would be useless later in the game, no point in quickly recovering from weakness when the rest of your party is still gonna be recovering.
I wonder how the goggles work exacly.
That's assuming one death will result in a full party wipe. If you die and nobody else does, then you can just get back up to speed that much quicker. Or if everyone had the helm and everybody was just that bad, the entire party could be ready to go that much sooner.

Realistically, neither items will be worth getting for their effects. They'll probably last for only people level 10 and under (or some restriction like that), so for the majority of the game they'll be a neat token for looks and bragging rights (I've been here since day one!). I recommend going with the item you like to look at the most, balanced with the willingness to pay $25 extra for 8 days of early access and a bunch of useless extra stuff about the game development.
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