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Some of FFXI's history and how it may affect FFXIVFollow

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Im just pointing out a few things is SE's past.
In FFXI, there was no Widescreen or hi resolution options in the config tool. When FFXI came out.. sure it was the standard but the computer industry is a booming business and you must keep up with the industry standard, especially with a game that has a long shelf life. 8 years later what have they done to correct this?. Nothing to my knowledge, everyone knows you have to go into the registry, set widescreen there amongst other things (or use windower). Sure its easy but seriously? they couldn't implement this into the config tool 8 years down the road. I don't want to hear about PS2 limitation's or that kind of stuff, because there is simply no excuse for this.
Draw Distance is set way to low in FFXI, they could easily adjust the option of (clipping plane) or whatever its called to fix this.. again 8 years later.. nothing.. Instead, some IT student (just guessing) spent a good weekend and implemented this into windower..
All of this concerns me a little, I know this is Beta but there are things similar in FFXIV that im afraid will never be fixed (thus the need for Windower). For example, the shaking of the camera when you go up or down, maybe even the hardware mouse. Im sure they wont allow alt-tabbing in full screen. (windower again).
i love FFXI and i have enjoyed the open beta so far. I only hope i am wrong and history does not repeat itself..

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I had to stop reading near immediately.

I don't ever recall a time when the option to set your displays ratio wasn't in the configuration. Bring up your menu, go to config and look through, there is most definitely, a setting that let you choose from several aspect ratios, 4x3, 16x9 and 16x10 I know for sure because I had to use each of them at one time or another. The ffxi-config tool also let you choose the 1024x1024 (but not the 2048x2048, as I think most video cards at the time would have chocked due to lack of memory) textures and was never updated later (I can agree that it should have been though.)

Since you started out ranting about those two particular items but couldn't see fit enough to actually know about any of it I don't see what the point in continuing on is..

Edit: And kick ***, I was waiting on the ferry while typing all this and was auto-boarded since I put my name on the list.

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Gonna quote myself, but this statement might better belong here instead of burried in a thread that's really on a different subject (or derailed from the original topic).

It's funny this subject came up. This same topic is being discussed on the FFXI forums but with the exact opposite feelings. XI players (myself included) feel that SE is actually listening to their players and modifying the game to those concerns for the first time since the game was released. After a downtime during those pitiful excuses for mini-expansions, FFXI was really starting to look like a dying dog. And then things started to change...

The team previously calling the shots in XI moved to this new project called FFXIV more fulltime. FFXI got a new director and appears to have a new business model. Gone are the days (at least for now) where they developers claim to know better than their paying customers and instead replaced with things the playbase actually wants. Morale in FFXI is literally at an all-time high with the Abyssea.

If you have been gone from XI for a while, its still the same game as you remember, but much, much better. Most activities in Abyssea are actually quite similar to a lot of things in XIV. Time sinks are less painfully obvious. Unlocking and upgrading new gear is actually a lot of fun to do. Things that use to be incredibly frustrating such as camping NMs are now much more fun. In Abyssea, you are given a 90 minute time limit, so competition is lower. All the NMs for the AF3 upgrades are on 30 minute timers and can be done in small groups (3 to 8). You can warp directly all over the place and just go from NM camp to NM camp. No more staring desperately at a screen hoping to out claim 300 other people, who knows how many of them are botting.

This is just one example. Other concerns minor and major the playerbase has had for a long time, or in the case of Abyssea specific stuff, short time is being addressed. FFXI has a new team in charge and the game is better than it has ever been.

Another major concern is the amount of time looking for a party or certain jobs being excluded from parties. This has been addressed as well. Literally any job rarely has trouble finding a spot in the Abyssea alliance. Level-sync has made the lower level grouping easier and with all sorts of other updates like Fields of Valor, Signet bonuses, etc soloing is a practical option. Not to mention everything goes faster, less grinding - Abyssea parties can build up to over 600 xp a kill, with very fast battles and occasional xp bonuses of 1250 xp every few minutes with a bit of luck.

So there's my shameless plug for XI, but someone has to inform those who left long ago the true state of that game. I still plan on trying XIV, and I hope it can do well. Right now I have been less than impressedd and find myself having a lot more fun in XI. XIV just seems to have a lot of the stubborness from the developers that held XI back from being the giant it could have been and the frustration it caused its players. Can't teach an old dog new tricks I guess, and there are some old stubborn dogs that have their claws into FFXIV.

Here is a link to the thread discussing the current feel of both FFXI and FFXIV:

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Perhaps, but he's right about the camera shaking and hardware mouse.
SE said they'll look into making the mouse faster, but a software mouse is a software mouse, it's horrible by principle as the lag is like using mouse acceleration+smoothing in a pc FPS.
Requested self-ban from admin. Later guys, good luck
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