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Weird crash to desktopFollow

#1 Sep 14 2010 at 12:26 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey all, thought I'd ask about a strange crash I've just been experiencing.

First of all, my specs and settings:
Win7 Ultimate 64bit
i5-750 @3.6ghz
1GB GTX 460 @820mhz
4gb DDR3

Fullscreen mode
1080p resolution
Standard shadows
High Texture
Highest filtering

The game was running fine for the most part, with some slow down around aetherytes. I then noticed the new beta drivers (260.63?) and decided to update. At this was great, fps went up quite a bit actually and there was no slow down at the aetherytes anymore.

So... i decided to hit the settings up a bit and put it to 4xMSAA and High shadows. The game then crashed within 2mins everytime.

Thought it might have been my overclock on the gpu, turned it down, same thing, so I assumed it would be the new drivers. However before uninstalling I changed the settings back to what they had been 2xMSAA and standard shadows and it all ran fine again.

Any ideas as to why it might not work with the settings up? Could it just be the beta drivers? The crash was just the usual FFXIV stopped working that I'm sure everyone has seen, (bar once where it just went straight back to the desktop with no error)

Unusual problem for me, I have no clue, not sure if anyone will be able to suggest anything but just thought I'd ask

Thanks in advance to any answers :)
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