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In my first post I was frustrated with my rampant lack of failures. Failing rank 5 leves at nearly rank 10! So I decided to try an experiment. Instead of busting my conjurer's gear attempting to craft, I made a new character. After playing around with the change face to lol at the bust size change, I selected a carpenter, gave her the builder deity, and got to crafting.

*Note* Carpenters start with a belt & gloves that provide a bonus to crafting, but the other gear provides no discernible bonus. *Note*

After skipping the Gridania intro cutscenes, I made sure to get physical xp off of all three wolves and gain 1 physical level. I put the stat points into intellect (future conjurer) and the element points into wind.

I then proceeded to attempt the five leves available to me as a carpenter at rank 1 with no carpentry bonus because I had no monies yet. I proceeded to use the rapid/wait/rapid/wait routine, waiting only on a flash, and rapiding on any solid color. Unsurprisingly I failed *every* synth just about. But wait, there's more! I failed the individual tasks, but I completed no less than 15 consecutive items, albeit with an absolutely abysmal quality level. Without leaving the town (until I attempted my final leve and delivered some goods), I ranked up to 5 - almost 6. I did fail my last leve, mother's something-or-rather, but that could be attributed to me not having the hammer, which seems to do a better shop synthing planks than the saw. At least from my observations anyway.

So the gist of this? My rank 1 crafter with the gloves and boots, gods, and more points into wind (a staple of carpentry) did exceptionally well on all leves, even those above rank. So this would suggest that wearing the proper crafting gear, in conjunction with the right elemental affinity, and the builder god have an effect on crafting(very limited sample size so would enjoy some results from others on this). So unless anyone has anything to counter some of these points, perhaps learn from my mistakes and test this out with your crafter.
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In my experience, as long as I start with rank 1 leves, I almost never fail a synth. I just take the tool that seems right, and spam rapid synth, ignoring what the little ball does. It only fails rarely. The only time I worry is when an element destabilizes, in which case I have to wait because crafting an unstable synth is pretty much an automatic fail. If I can't do a synth, I either try the other tool, or buy shop access, or just put it off until I've leveled some more. The one real key is just rapid synthesis -- when you're just starting out, that's the only one worth doing, because you can still successfully craft even by failing a bunch of times in a row. Every time I get fancy and play around, I botch. But banging away recklessly on rapid has worked great for me so far, and I've done every craft except for cooking at least a little.
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