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#1 Sep 14 2010 at 10:28 PM Rating: Decent
Hey guys :) I think everyone experiences this-

I rarely get to see my cool weaponskill animations. This is how they've worked for me:

As the light dims and my character readies the weaponskill.
By this point, I'm allowed to queue my next move, so I do.
My character stops doing the weaponskill animation and performs the next attacj animation.
Of course the damage is still applied.

So if I want to see my cool weaponskill animation, I've got to hold off on attacking until the animation is over, so I can let the animation play through. Which is bad news bears for me

The only recent time I remember seeing my weaponskill animation is when I'm low on stamina and cannot attack right away, or when I defeat the enemy with a weaponskill.


I think the answer would be to make weaponskill animations take precedence over normal light-attack animations.

Or better yet, allow the animations to queue themselves. I thought SE would've done this, so I guess they overlooked it.

For example, if you select your next attack (light attack) in the middle of a weaponskill animation, the following will happen:
-the enemy will be damaged from light attack, but the animation will wait for the weaponskill animation to finish.
Once the weaponskill animation is finished in a second, then the light attack animation will quickly execute.

This is how autoattack animations work in most mmos and rpg games, even ffxi. If you use an ability when your autoattack is about the execute, the game will do its best to show BOTH animations :)

I hope SE lets us see more of our own character animations

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#2 Sep 14 2010 at 10:44 PM Rating: Good
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While I agree, I've always assumed part of the problem was lag. Another part of the problem could be the exclusion of auto-attacks. Whereas before when auto attacks now have to willingly activate your typical smash'em'up move, which is now on the same level as all those snazzy looking abilities. I do hope they clean up the animations.
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