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Group Guildleves for DoL/DoHFollow

#1 Sep 15 2010 at 4:04 AM Rating: Decent
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As I haven't grouped in Beta I was wondering if someone with a bit more experience could let me know.

If a Miner and a Pugilist get together in a party and the miner activates a mining leve at the crystal I guess both characters will now be doing this leve. And as soon as the miner mines whatever is the target of the leve both characters will get Gil/Class Points for comleting the leve while the Miner have got the points for each mining attempt!

Is this assumption correct?

Now on DoH I usually just initiate the leve by speaking to the relevant NPC to get the materials and as such I do not get any gardian favor or something. I think I tried a few days ago to activate a DoH leve before talking to the NPC that gave out materials but this didn't work. Does anyone know how to obtain Gardian Favour on DoH Guildleves?

One last question? Is there a way to share a guildleve without the use of a crystal?


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I haven't tried that yet, but that's an interesting thought. If fighters could share in the reward gil & skillup on the mobs, maybe being a bodyguard for such a mission wouldn't be so bad.

As for the DoH, seems like you get really good exp already on the leves so I don't know about adding guardian's favor to it. Unless you're doing a level1 leve at weaver12, then the exp kinda blows. But if you're doing a leve that has good skillup recipes, you get 400-500exp for the synths. I don't think it's possible now anyway...

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I did it once as a miner with an archer tagging along.

I activated my mining leve and we shared it, but the archer didn't have the mining leve so he only got a small percentage of gil while I got the full reward because I had the leve.

If he had the mining leve, too, he would have gotten the full reward, but I assume he wanted all his regional leves to be DoW-oriented so he wouldn't have gotten it anyway.

EDIT: But later, I can see high-level leves requiring both DoW/DoM and DoH/DoL and the former will have to protect the latter while they do their thing. Just extrapolating, though.

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