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#1 Sep 15 2010 at 5:09 PM Rating: Decent
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I have been playing the OB off and on when I have time and I still have some basic questions.

1) Where exactly can I hire a retainer? At the moment I am playing in Limsa and I went through Hawkers Alley and couldn't seem to find the place to hire one

At the moment I don't really get the retainer system. In theory I can understand what SE is trying to do, but it pretty much seems to fly in the face of what they are campaigning this game around. A retainer system seems to be much less "casual friendly" than a simple auction house. Attempting to find and locate retainers to purchase items, then having to send out your items via retainers and bazaars will seemingly take an enormous amount of time, which may make the game less appealing to the casual player who does not have time for such things.

2) What is the most effective and efficient way to repair gear?

I read from one of the NPC's that you can get it done at the shop for a price and a loss of durability, or you could try to throw it up in your bazaar in the hopes that some passing craftsman will fix it. If those don't work then you can repair it yourself. Again, in theory, this system sounds cool. In practice, I think it will be very troublesome and time consuming, which may again alienate the casual gamer.

3) How can we get recipes in the game for crafting?

I know that SE would like us to try out all the various classes and try our hand at becoming master craftsmen. The problem for me has been once I try a crafting class there is usually one or two leve quests where I get maybe 1 recipe. After that is complete there is no direction and I have no idea where to acquire new recipes in the game. Maybe I am just unobservant and there is a recipe vendor somewhere, but I think transparency in this area would really promote crafting in this game.

4) Can anyone recommend a good server?

I've been playing on Rabanaster and so far have only gotten two other players to chat with me. I am sure it probably has much to do with the fact that I play during Japanese prime time, but people in general just don't seem very social. For me, the friendly social environment of XI was one of the best things about the game. I really miss that type of community and hope to see it return during XIV.

#2 Sep 15 2010 at 5:13 PM Rating: Good
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The answer to question one is in the adventurer's guild/ tavern in your town. One of the NPCs behind a counter will grant you a retainer. Once you have one, there are small bells located around the city that you can contact your retainer at. Other wise you use them in the market ward.

The 2nd and 3rd questions I'd like to know the answers to myself.

The 4th question, any server you want. If you know someone personally on a specific server then join them there, but other than that, it doesn't really matter.
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#3 Sep 15 2010 at 5:40 PM Rating: Good
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1: behind the counter that the guildleve guy hangs out at. Just talk to those NPCs

2: Most effective is finding a player to do it for you. Most efficient would be to just go and find the NPC and pay him, easier than waiting around all day for a bored crafter.

3: You put in what you have, and it tells you what you can make, and what you'd need to add or remove to make it. There is no master list in game, there is no way to record what you can make in game. Keep a notebook or a website database open.

4: Besaid is going to be the unofficial RP server, so if thats not your thing, go for anything else. game's not out, and people are currently in beta mode, which doesnt really tell you how people will act in the regular game. I would pick the server of a town you actually recognize from FF games, those will have more people.

#4 Sep 15 2010 at 5:46 PM Rating: Decent
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fixing gear is gonna be easy if you do DoH jobs, more difficult if all you do is DoW/DoM jobs only.

there's a few websites that will have databases for recipes, but i'd wait a week or so after sept 22 because there's a chance (a big chance) that some recipe's are gonna change or.. heaven forbid.. actually WORK (hempen tabard front.. i curse you to hades)

Servers... meh... its all up to you.. ya wanna do RP? go to Besaid.. heard they're all going there, other than that, its really depending on if ya want a lot of people there (more competition for mobs, easier to get parties) or smaller population (easier to solo, more difficult to get parties)
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#5 Sep 15 2010 at 7:04 PM Rating: Good
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2) What is the most effective and efficient way to repair gear?

NPC repair is alot more expensive den player repair and can only repair up to 75% of the maximum dur of the equipment. (pls note: low lvl and starter equipment might be cheaper but cotten equipment onwards are very ex).

DUR drop very fast if u (fail/KO) while wearing it below optimal rank (greater as u go lower).

3) How can we get recipes in the game for crafting?

Currently there is 2 known ways of getting recipe in game.
1. Item you make during Local guildleve
2. Recipe reward after u complete a guildleve (Its a different recipe from the one you need to make to complete the GL)

Most ppl have already answered number 1 and 4, so i'm skipping those
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#6 Sep 15 2010 at 7:10 PM Rating: Default
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It should be noted that you don't ever get recipes that you could call up in a book and see when you want. It will tell you them for leves and whatnot and you will need to write them down to use. YOu can also look them up at various places like this site. Not all of them are known right now so chances are if you find a new one posting it someplace will be appreciated.
#7 Sep 16 2010 at 11:32 AM Rating: Decent
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1) Where exactly can I hire a retainer? At the moment I am playing in Limsa and I went through Hawkers Alley and couldn't seem to find the place to hire one?

In Limsa it's not at the Guildleve counter, it's the woman (Ulrissa - spelling may be off) at the bar next to Baderon (spelling may be off)

2) What is the most effective and efficient way to repair gear?

Currently I take the bring it to a NPC approach. This is easiest for casual gaming (which I consider myself - couple hours a week of play). My long term plan is that this is the crafting skill I want my character to have, so it will be the one I slowly work on. I'd like to be able to adventure and repair my armor/weapon on the go. Then I would just have to rely on stocking up on whatever item I'd need to carry around to repair my own stuff.

3) How can we get recipes in the game for crafting?

As someone who has no time or patience to discover recipes myself, i plan to use the wiki on this website should I want to craft beyond basic repairs.

4) Can anyone recommend a good server?

My server is pretty quiet, but I also think that some of this is due to the nature of a beta. Not a lot of incentive to get to know people too well only to have them shift to a different server next week. I have kept quiet for now and just gotten used to basic game mechanics, when I start playing a character to keep I'll probably put more effort into creating small groups for guildleves, etc...
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