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So far, no drawbacks to leveling EVERYTHINGFollow

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FanciatheDragonkeeper wrote:
I must say, for the first time I feel disappointed and angry even. The ability to reassign stats sure is useful, but it should be implemented in the right manner. I'll tell ya my story.

Started out as Lancer as that's going to be my main job. After getting that to like 10, I felt like trying out Conjurer. Tried to go for INT lots with reassigning, which worked out quite well. Never ran out of MP either while grinding, so that's good at least. After learning Stoneskin I wanted to change back and try other melee jobs. Me's now being a Lancer again after playing Marauder and Gladiator some, but guess what? This time reassigning takes literally ages, I've totally gimped myself. I've done it like four or five times now, and I don't get anywhere, I still have 41 points in INT. It's takes one single point from INT, and almost as much from the stats I need as I am able to put back in, it's like going in circles. Per reassigning I can consider myself lucky to add two points to a single stat I need (either STR, VIT or DEX). That just can't be right, I can't even kill green mobs now on the way to Camp Emerald Moss, with Cure and Bloodbath that is, and I miss like crazy.

Am I doing it wrong? I seriously feel like just logging off. Can't they make it so that you can pick from which stat(s) you want to suck points, to put them back into others? Or can't they place an NPC in each city, taking gil or anima or both even for completely reassigning everything? Nothing against challenge, really, but at this rate it's probably going to take me the whole day to get my stats right. thanks? =/

One thing is for sure, when my CE arrives I'm going to focus on melee only, no more mages for me unless they make this system a bit more user friendly and less (unreasonable) time consuming. Hope I make enough sense, or if I have missed some details, enlighten me please. I'm loving this game (as much as you can, considering it's beta, it sure needs polish), but this one gives me headaches. ^^;

You may be doing it wrong in a sense, I think we all are now & then though because we don't have all the data collected & there's still the question of what will change for retail from beta. The part where many may be going wrong is that there seems to be some kind of cap on stats based on your rank. Some people are testing that kind of thing, but all I've seen is scattered data so far. You'll reach a point where putting more of 1 stat won't be of any benefit at your current rank. Knowing what those caps are, we can avoid unnecessarily putting too much into 1 stat...which will also make it easier to reset the stats.

The other option is to keep all stats fairly balanced and be "ok" at all classes until you settle down on what you're going to focus on.

Of course all of that is just trying to make the best of the current system. Hopefully changes are coming for retail or soon after...

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Wow, that sounds horrific. I wish SE would be a lot more forthcoming about basic mechanics...who are these gamers they always cite when they say "we feel gamers like the mystery and figuring things out aspects of our game..."

Who in the **** likes figuring out how to change classes properly? Not all mysteries are created equal SE...
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