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First Month Trial Period Includes... Additional Characters?Follow

#1 Sep 16 2010 at 10:46 PM Rating: Decent
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The first month of the game (30 days) is free, right? Does this include extra characters as well?

What I would like to do is make a few characters to check out the cities upon release to see how they've improved/what's different. I would then pick my favorite one and delete other characters. I wouldn't be charged for this I'm assuming, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone knows for certain.

I can imagine other players who did not play beta would be doing something similar and to see an extra $6 charged to your card would be annoying.

PS. Is there a way to see how much you will be charged for the next month in FFXI before you are billed? Say something like:

Base fee: 12.99$
Extra Character: 1$
Tetra Master: 1$

Total: 14.99$

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The trial for FFXI didn't include extra characters, so I would assume it'll be the same with ffxiv. One character. Any additional characters will be extra money. However, if you roll a character and don't like it, roll another. Really, you can do EVERY job on one character straight out of the gate, so it's more a matter of whether you like the way your character looks than anything else.

As far as the different cities are concerned, same as above. If you don't like where you started, you can either a)roll another character, or b)run your **** out to the other cities;)
#3 Sep 17 2010 at 1:02 AM Rating: Decent
ButterflyM wrote:
The trial for FFXI didn't include extra characters, so I would assume it'll be the same with ffxiv.

While I don't know before that, I CAN tell you that with the NA release of the PS2 version of FFXI, it DID include extra characters. You got 30 days free from the trial including any additional characters. After 30 days providing you didn't cancel any of the IDs, it charged you a pro-rated fee for the remainder of that month and when the next month came up it billed the pro-rated fee and fee for the new month in one lump sum. So we're probably gonna see the same here.

EDIT: And in regards to FFXI, whenever you purchase or renew an content ID it never charges right away, instead it charges the following month. Example:

August 2010
You renew one character.
Total fee: $0.00

September 2010
Your character from last month is still active into September.
Total fee: $25.90 (Billed on September 2nd. Fee for character reactivated last month is billed together with September's fee.)

October 2010
You still have one character active and decide to buy a new content ID this month.
Total fee: $12.95 (Billed October 2nd. Since you didn't buy any new IDs last month it doesn't charge anything additional other than October's fee.)

November 2010
You now have two characters active and don't buy a new content ID for this month.
Total fee: $14.95 (Billed on November 2nd. You purchased a new ID last month and kept it active into November so it charges you the $1.00 fee for October and the traditional $13.95 for November's fee of two characters.)

December 2010
You have two characters active but decide to cancel one character this month.
Total fee: $13.95 (Billed on December 2nd. Both characters were still active after the last day in November so it charges you the regular rate for this month.)

January 2011
You only have one character active and don't renew/cancel any other charaters.
Total fee: $12.95 (Billed January 2nd. Since you canceled your other character last month it only charges you the fee for a single character.)

So as you can see, renewing an ID or cancelling an ID doesn't charge you right away, instead it bills the ID (character) with the next month's fee. Ideally, if you're strapped for cash and won't have the funds until the end of the month you can renew and then cancel it right away again. The character will remain active until the end of the month and you'll only be charged for that month at the start of the next month. Now with FFXIV unless they change the billing so you're billed immediately after the free trial period the above example should work with FFXIV too. Come October 22nd CE players will be pro-rated for the remainder of that month which will be billed in one large lump sum at the start of November with the following month's fee.

That should be the same with any additional characters created during the free trial phase of FFXIV, as long as you cancel the characters before October 22nd you won't face any additional fees other than your first character. By the way, I think only the Collector's Edition receives the free 30 day trial as part of the package. Standard Edition doesn't get a free 30 days. Then again it was a Gamestop employee who told me this and they aren't always the most informed individuals... (I have no ill towards Gamestop, I shop there all the time for my games.)

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The first 30 days of gametime being free is not a trial. It's standard practice with MMOs to give you the first month free (really just included in the software price). If you buy the game, you're going to have everything that is available from day one, so if you want to add content IDs (or whatever they will call them this time), you should be able to. Don't confuse the 30 days with a trial.

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#5 Sep 17 2010 at 1:29 PM Rating: Decent
Just because...

From what I understand, SE will not be going with the fixed day monthly cycle they used with XI. Based on everything they've said up to this point, they're going to be running with the 30 day cycle you see in other MMOs where you're billed when you activate and then you're billed again 30 days later. Obviously with the first month free it will be a tiny bit different when you first start out, but after that I would count on the system billing your CC immediately for any additions you make.

As far as whether or not you'll be able to add extra character and/or retainers during your first month without being charged for it, I don't know. I don't think SE has issued a formal statement with regards to that, so it could go either way. I plan on adding two retainers to my character straight away and it wouldn't bother me if SE charged me an extra couple of bucks for the first month, but I could also see them including that as part of the free shenanigans.
#6 Sep 17 2010 at 10:05 PM Rating: Good
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Does this include extra characters as well?

According to this>> You get 1 character and 1 retainer included with the free 30 days that you get when you buy the game.

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