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Uninstalling BetaFollow

#1 Sep 17 2010 at 3:29 PM Rating: Good
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OK so don't know if anyone else saw the announcement(don't have a link plus im at work) but it says to uninstall beta version prior to installing release version so that there are no problems with the installation. OK, but I have some questions. First, does that mean I need to remove the files as well, or just uninstall? Second, what about saving our char creation data and names for release? Won't uninstalling effect that, or not? Sorry if this has been covered already, but I just need some clarification.

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Uninstalling the game from your PC through the uninstall utility will remove the game files. It may preserve your saved character appearance files. It may not. I would imagine that will become more clear Sunday evening when the open beta ends and people start removing the client in preparation for launch.
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Just guessing, but I suspect the character names and servers that people had in beta are tied to their square enix id, which is separate rather than the files on your computer.

I believe when you login using your SE id, the game connects to the character server which looks up your stuff based on your ID.

so when you get the retail version, you will put the key in on the web probably after you login with your SE ID, and that will then let the retail client see that you are person X who was prevously using name Y on server Z in the beta, since your SEID won't change between now and release.
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who was prevously using name Y

My name wasn't 'Y'. It wouldn't let me use less than 3 characters for a name:/
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Here's something that may help:

Also,when you do the uninstall,don't forget to manually delete any leftover stuff in My Docs/My Games.
Not doing that caused alot of problems between Alpha and Beta clients,so I assume it might cause problems here also.

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if you delete my docs stuff you may delete your saved character appearances
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