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Mission Statement

Almost Heroes is a social/event company (primarily North American. All regions are welcome) with focus on game progression while providing an environment that fosters camaraderie, mutual respect, fairness, and most important of all, FUN. Our vision is to have a tight-knit family of members as we experience all that Eorzea has to offer. Attitude is a big part of who we are: A "never say die", laugh in the face of adversity, while being able to smile at minor shortcomings type of attitude is what we hope to impress onto our members.

Member Guidelines

-No age requirement is set although we ask that our members have an acceptable level of maturity and be considerate of other people.
-Have a sense of humor, be able to laugh at yourself, and interact with other members. Playful banter between members is perfectly alright. Don't be so uptight that you feel that every remark is made to insult you.
-Keep chat at a "tasteful" level. This depends on who is present in the chat.
-Reserve your battle and faction leves for use with members of the company.
-Poor attitude will not be tolerated. This includes pretentiousness, constant complaining, and putting down fellow members.
-While events are not mandatory, a degree of regular participation is required.
-Visit the company website and forums regularly.
-Conduct yourself in a manner that brings credit towards our company on the server and the FFXIV community as a whole.
-Linkshell hoppers are seriously frowned upon. Having other linkshells for the purpose of socializing is permitted as of now but participating in exclusive events with other LS/Companies will result in forfeiture of your position in our company.
-Participation in voice chat is not required at this time but is highly recommended.
-Experience in previous MMO's is a plus but not necessary. Also, don't expect special treatment for having played <insert MMO here> an X number of years and have beat <insert boss here> and acquired <OMG super1337 gear>. You will be judged for your current attitude and actions, not what you have accomplished in other games.
-If you are in this company solely to benefit yourself, this is the wrong company for you.

If you think you'd be a good fit with us, I encourage you to apply at

Other Info

-Endgame activity is one of our longterm goals. For now, the focus should be on learning your class(es) and enjoying the journey. We'll cross that bridge when we get there.
-We use Dolby Axon for voice chat (50 person).

All formalities aside, I'm not a hard-*** and I don't plan on running my company like one. We aim to have a friendly ls/company environment while progressing through the game.

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We are one of the few remaining English speaking LS's on this server who is still active and openly recruiting. Rank 25+ preferred but all are welcome. We now use Dolby Axon for voice chat (50 person). We're in it for the long run and if you are also, we encourage you to apply.


More screens and videos at

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We currently have around 30 active members and we're still recruiting. Rank 32+ preferred but all are welcome to apply.

Screenshots - 21 Nov
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