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#1 Sep 19 2010 at 6:11 PM Rating: Good
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Now that the beta is wrapping up, I compiled a list of things to take care of before the 22nd (Or 30th for those waiting for Standard version). Figured I'd share it just to make sure we're all good to go for launch day.

  • 1 (Required): Uninstall FFXIV Beta from your computer, so your install on launch runs smoothly.
  • 2 (Suggested): Log into your S-E account and ensure all your contact/location information is correct.
  • 3 (Optional): Link your active FFXI account to your S-E account.
  • 4 (Optional): Install a screen shot capturing program, if you're not satisfied Print Scrn. Fraps is a good, free choice.
  • 5 (Optional): Have your FFXIII promotional code written down, or saved to a .txt file.
  • 6 (Suggested): Get your bookmarks in order. See below.
  • 7 (Suggested): Take care of any RL distractions beforehand (Shopping, Errands, Etc). You'll want gaming food!

Suggested Bookmarks

For bookmarks, I compiled a small list of ones that I think may be useful. You may want to use this. You may not. But I figured I'd share.

This is probably already set to your bookmarks, but just in case! One of the bigger, more active FFXIV communities, as well as good game information.

FFXIV - Status Page:
Provides status of the various FFXIV servers, moon phases, in game time and such. At least it did for Open Beta.

FFXIV - Yellow Gremlin:
Another good site with information. Until more is known about the game, going to multiple sites to get the bits and pieces of information, as they surface, will probably be a good idea.

FFXIV - Eorzeapedia:
See above. Another information site. More resources the better, I say!

FFXIV - Crafting Database:
Decent crafting resource. Again, more the merrier.

FFXIV - S-E Account Page:
The main account page login for Square-Enix accounts.

FFXIV - S-E Members Page:
The main members page for Square-Enix accounts.

FFXIV - S-E Players' Pages:
The player pages for FFXIV, where you can view your information, and the information of others.

Edit: Added the S-E Player pages, as per suggested.

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Another link you might need is the Lodestone, the official players website

Marauder Gear Listing
Crafting & Gathering Gear Listing
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Or maybe this is just me disregard please.
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SsXTricKeY, ****** Superhero wrote:

Or maybe this is just me disregard please.

Haha. I'm sure that applies a bit to all of us.
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#5nirtsbro, Posted: Sep 19 2010 at 6:42 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) ur missing one more super important bookmark
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Very nice post! I was planning on doing this for myself but I think this has most of it covered, thank you!
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I'd recommend this bookmark as well,

its a macro maker. Pretty useful if you cant remember the text commands

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